Seaside sunrise at the end of July.

Process: In GNU IMP: downscale photo to 10%, convert to indexed palette with 6 colours, convert back to RGB, perform edge detection with Laplace operator (border policy white), invert colours, threshold at (1,255) to black and white (as much white as possible). Then save as PPM and run potrace from the command line, without any options, giving an EPS file with the same stem. Load this back into GNU IMP, at 600dpi with strong antialiasing settings. Downscale to 720p greyscale JPEG for web, keep the high resolution for printing (445dpi fits nicely on A4 paper, with 15mm border on left/right/top (bigger bottom border).

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May i ask whats potrace? ^^ looking great, i often use the unsharp mask at nearly full levels gives a nice pop art style 😉

@Mr_Wurst potrace converts raster bitmap graphics to vector shapes.

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