Today this project is morphing into a generalized "make nice lo-colour/flat/line art from images" thing.

Two photos that my algorithms (currently a modified median cut that splits the largest group each time, where size is measured by the product of bounding box volume and pixel count) struggle with at the moment:

- the left image has large flat areas of almost same colour, and somehow my code dithers the top half in 3 colours instead of a nice clean split with 2 colours

- the right image has lots of greens and some "obvious" bright red, but limited to 8 colours my algorithms just give greens, no red.

GIMP does much better for both images, so next I'll look at how it does it.

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potrace DPI and SVG pattern scale interaction is annoying. Works fine at 100dpi (eg 640x480 at ~16cm wide), but with larger resolution images (more pixels, higher DPI, same output size) the SVG patterns get really tiny. So I will need to scale all the patterns to compensate.

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Seems curremt GIMP can do Gaussian blur on indexed colour images. I'm sure this used to just give errors, and you'd have to convert to RGB and back manually.

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current progress, 4 colour conversion in GIMP, then exported a layer for each colour, then potrace command line for each layer and assembled the output into a single SVG with a bash script.

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