Ported my renderer to . Even on the is way too slow to be useful, it's quicker to get the same visual quality by plotting a zillion points.

The attached has around 8k samples per pixel, taking around 1min/frame (1 hour total). 256k subframes for motion blur, each being a single path of 16k iterations. Only plain simple stuff without xaos control..

I switched to ulong accumulation buffer, with 48.16 linear-light fixed point - should be safe enough against overflow and it has native atomics instead of having to do a cmpxchg loop with uint/float unions.

I need to check if AMD have implemented OpenCL device fission yet, because without that it hogs my desktop session making it unusable (ssh -X sessions work fine from outside, interestingly).

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I implemented motion blur with a power law for weighting time in the shutter-open interval (for directional effect). Can also make the shutter much longer than the frame time for the interesting trail effects.

The video upthread was using this image as a 2D palette:


but the auto-white-balance part of the code seems to have made it more purple. The hivis is still vaguely visible.

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