Arggh. Very long moments of frustration trying to install a Debian testing chroot, `debootstrap` blamed `systemd` via `dpkg`:

Detected unsafe path transition / -> /var during canonicalization of /var/log/journal.

Turns out it was user error: I had to have the target directory owned by root:root *before* invoking debootstrap (I'm fairly sure it worked with regular `mkdir` at some point in the past...).

This is so I can use `VARResults.simulate_var()`, the version of python3-statsmodels in Buster is too old to support it. VAR being vector autoregression, which I'm hoping to use for sound analysis and generation.

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@mathr Can't you use a virtual env instead? I wouldn't have thought a full chroot would be necessary for this.

@benofbrown probably but I'm more familiar with debian than python packaging stuff, and I got the chroot working already by now so no need to switch. I'll keep it in mind for next time I need newer python stuff, thanks for the tip!

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