Working on a thing based on the way Mandelbrot deep zooms stack up rings of features doubling each time, with new features added to the stack when passing minibrots. So far just black and white squares, but the repeated/nested period doubling crises are working.

I figured out the maths more properly: now the wiggles don't shrink as they approach crisis, instead they join smoothly to each next level.

I also chose less ugly colours: now shades of grey with eventually some red introduced.

Will be working on a soundtrack this week.

The key part of the algorithm's inner loop:

x = fract(-log2(1 - x));

Repeated `log2` does weird things to the timing curves and stops the layers aligning properly, adding some `exp2` inside the loop can regularize it:

x= (1 - exp2(-x)) * 2;

This makes the crises happen on a grid which should make writing a soundtrack much easier than the fluid tempo curves of the uncorrected version.

motion blur looks bad on static images but helps videos appear less stoboscopic

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