The things I want to add to this week are varying in difficulty.


Currently you can select an item in the annotation list on the right hand side of the user interface window, and it is highlighted in the fractal explorer window. But when you have a lot of annotations, trying to find a specific annotation gets tedious. So I want to make it so I can click in the explorer window and have it select the annotation in the list.

I think I can do this by drawing the annotations (using the library) into an off-screen buffer with anti-aliasing turned off and annotation ID values as colours. I'll probably draw the rays thicker than 1 pixel in this buffer, otherwise selecting will be a nightmare. I already have one off-screen buffer used for text collision/overlap avoidance (aka dynamic level of detail), I might be able to reuse it. Ray sort order should be by (preperiod+period) (lowest drawn last / on top) to be intuitive, text b-boxes on top.


Add a button to annotate an embedded Julia set automatically, because marking all those points and rays is a bit boring.


Add a number box for hiding rays whose (preperiod+period) is higher than this threshold, as a stop-gap until I figure out how to choose this threshold (or another way to prune rays) automatically.

Fascinating! I'd love to spend some time with it, is it public yet?



@RefurioAnachro yes it's on my , needs a few of my other libraries too. but it's a bit work-in-progress, and I haven't pushed the most recent progress yet. only tested on debian

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Thanks, @mathr! Cool stuff! Now all I need some time to check it out...

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