New audio piece: "Harmonic Protocol".

Stereo feedback loop 4secs long, with left and right blended with a rotation matrix

Inside the loop, compute RMS energy per semitone per channel via a bank of biquad bandpass filters (q = 17.310) from midi note 24 through 96, accumulated modulo 12.

Inside the loop, scale each individual semitone by the energy of the octave accumulation 7 semitones away (pick a direction).

Inside the loop, apply strong dynamic range compression to normalize level to ~1.

1/10s loop with RMS low pass filter set to 10/32Hz, MIDI notes for filters from 24 to 72, tanh() on each band after gain. sounds more mellow than the version described previously.

1/60s loop with RMS low pass filter set to 60/32Hz. video is the fake-- algorithm (which I think solves the operator not the operator) I found online and implemented in mini-site with powered by and with homebrew code based on generating the sound

stream will be up until Saturday, at a guess.

eventually I'll try to port it to generate audio client-side via

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