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map exported to from my "raymond" thingy implemented in inside , converted to using . EXR data must be in [0..1] for GIMP to understand it (otherwise it clips, not sure if it's clipped by FragM or GIMP). Not sure if sRGB non-linear response curve is mangling my data.

texture from a photo I took, cropped into a narrow vertical strip and made in

depth and texture combined with . took many iterations to get something that didn't make my eyes hurt too much. depth is jarring, too-small texture detail is distracting.

- for PFM file format (like PGM/PPM but float32 data)


@mathr I can't see autostereograms, but I remember a neat idea: pre-rendered depths maps of potentially great detail with low-poly characters wandering through them in realtime.

Probably not relevant any more given the computational power of modern graphics cards, but I thought it would be a nice next technology step in the Myst line.

@anne I did try animated autostereograms but the disconnect between the movement of the depth image and the differing movement of the texture on top was really distracting. maybe I was doing it wrong. But maybe you mean something like "monocular colour image with depth", so you could put characters behind parts of the scene if necessary? I remember Myst only very vaguely...

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