party like it's 1979

// gcc -std=c99 -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -O3 -o autostereo autostereo.c -lm && ./autostereo > autostereo.ppm
typedef int N;typedef double R;typedef unsigned char B;N main(){srand(time(0));R e=3,a=8,r=100,Z=2,D=18,b=18;N w=1920,h=1080;printf("P6\n%d %d\n255\n",w,h);for(N j=0;j<h;++j){R y=(h*0.5-(j+0.5))/r;B p[w][3];for(N i=0;i<w;++i){R x=(i+0.5-w*0.5)/r;R S=Z*Z-x*x-y*y;R d=S>0?D-sqrt(S):b;N o=floor(fabs(d-a)*e/d*r+rand()/(R)RAND_MAX);if(i-o<0||o==0)for(N c=0; c<3; ++c)p[i][c]=rand();else for(N c=0;c<3;++c)p[i][c]=p[i-o][c];}fwrite(&p[0][0],w*3,1,stdout);}return 0;}

(I have a less obfuscated version but it's too long to toot)

. image
o stereo image pair
O autostereogram image
( ) autostereogram image pair

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