negative, complaining 

heating broken :(

some electronic issue in the controller I suspect, as it heats water for the tap fine. just no heat to radiators... or maybe pump?

engineer due within 24 hours. so I have to stay home, ran out of milk too...

negative, complaining 

seems to be fixed after some button mashing on the timer/programmer/controller box, guided over the phone by the engineer. hopefully soon it will be warm enough to take my coat off again

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button mashing 

1. hold down top 3 buttons
2. wait until display changes + beep
3. hold down bottom 3 buttons
4. wait until display changes + beep
5. press middle bottom button
6. press top left button
7. press top left button again

then heating works. posting this boiler cheat code so I can favourite it for next time it happens

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