Interactive demo of using Newton's method in the complex plane with a cubic. Its a little slow, any ideas for improvements are welcome:

@hamptonio I made it roughly 2x faster (in Firefox 62 on Debian Buster) by avoiding memory allocation by [...] inside the loop:

here's one of my experiments from 2012 with GLSL fragment shader (using desktop OpenGL, not WebGL) I think it ran in realtime, but it's so long ago that I forgot...


@hamptonio Oh! I found my code, and turns out I already ported it to WebGL (runs 60fps full screen realtime on my system but I have a beefy GPU..).

drag with left-mouse-button pressed to add a new root (the path is recorded and animated, but there is no visual feedback in the process, and you need 2 or 3 paths to get something interesting...). for source/history browser

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