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<Experimental Publishing Graduation show 2022 | WALKIE TALKIE>
"XPUB Calling, Do you Copy? Over (...)"
"(...) Go Ahead XPUB. Over"
"On it.(...)"

Graduating students of the Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB), Piet Zwart Institute, invite you to tune into the frequencies of their collective knowledge during an evening and afternoon in Worm (Rotterdam).

What are we transmitting?
Hegemonies of standardised languages, publishing act introspection, ultraterritorality and telecommunications, conversations on food, economies and alternative communities of the Web, participatory narratives, diffractive methodologies, hybrid reality gaming ... These seem all different sorts of waves but in fact they are very much connected. We invite you to eavesdrop on our signal exchanges.

• Date: Friday 24th - Saturday 25th June
••18:00 - 00:00 on the 24.06
••12:00 - 17:00 on the 25.06
•Location: UBIK & Slash Gallery

We are Kendal Beynon, Martin Foucaut, Camilo García A., Clara Gradel, Nami Kim, Euna Lee, Jacopo Lega, Federico Poni, Louisa Teichmann, and Floor van Meeuwen.

"Copy, over."

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Calling all quote enthusiasts, micro loggers, amateur photographers and partial documenters to join the editorial team of the AMRO Times!
Workshop by Varia @manetta @alcstrt

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Today I want to present my 3rd issue of User Sentimental eXperience. It’s about using ‘console.log’ to console yourself!

<Issue3. Console yourself: A chocolate box>
*This work is the best experienced from the computer screen rather than mobile devices Sorry :p*

It's already June. Half of 2022 slipped away. We've been enduring all the pain and frustration from the tenacious pandemic for the last two years. To comfort your fatigue and admire your efforts, hereby I prepared a box of chocolate. I appreciate your persistence. Now I hope the moment of having the chocolate will be small comfort to you.
You've been doing great. Take a bite to console yourself!
To have a piece of it, you'll need to use a specific way though. Click the right button on the current page, and select 'inspect'. On the top menu you'll see a section called 'console'. (*It's not inspector!) In the console, write console.log(''). Inside the '', write any words you want to tell yourself. Any kinds of encouraging comments! (e.g. console.log('To honor my survival in the boring place'). Then press an 'Enter' key. Don't forget to write it inside ' ' mark.
Finally you'll console yourself and have the chocolate!

Here is the link:

*Any feedback/critique is welcome. Please let me know if the design breaks down from yr monitor.*

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DEBUG ↓→←UG ↓↓←●G, 15th – 18th June, Linz, Austria
↓ Save the date : Opening: 15th June, 7PM CEST at afo architekturforum
→ As a gathering of communities with interests across arts and cultures, networked technologies and political action, AMRO offers space for sharing knowledge and practices throughout its discursive program, this time concentrated on potential of debugging.
← Today: Introducing the format of LECTURES.

The whole programme available soon at :

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Tomorrow is the launch and open day of the Infraschool: a peer-to-peer learning initiative organised by members of Good Times Bad Times and Varia.

For the first term of the infraschool we'll be learning about digital tools, community infrastructure and cooperative organisation! If any of those sound interesting to you then come along to Varia at 17:00 Wednesday 25th of May :) Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but I'll be there in spirit!

More info can be found at

and the great ASCII art is made by @simoon

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Videogrep 2.0 is out!

Here's a tutorial about how you can use it to automatically make supercuts on the command line:

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Reminder: If you're thinking about it, but haven't done so yet – book your spot for our DAAP x Varia workshop in Rotterdam that's coming up pretty soon – Sunday, May 29th.

📌 Full details (incl. RSVP infos):

📚 We'll be onboarding new users and discussing the ethical/technical setup of the DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing) archive ( 💫

"Version 55 of WeasyPrint has been released.

What’s New? (Visible Features)

- performance with improved speed and document size,
- columns can be finely managed and are more solid in many corner cases,
- shorthand properties handle the inherit value,
- text decoration is correctly applied for nested values,
- embedded fonts are smaller and have nice names,
- absolute boxes are correctly positioned in right-to-left,
- SVG images got new tests and small fixes."

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Thus I've decided to explore the possibilities of bringing more sentiments and emotions to the web.
From now on, I would like to share with you a series of small web experiments and essays about the user sentimental experience every few weeks.

Here is a link to the first issue, which is a room that I drew to suggest we put down stress about productive behaviours on the digital mediums. You are able to space out here. You'll click elements in the room but may not gain something special.

(*If you open it through your phone I recommend you see it in landscape mode, but it's just a suggestion.)

I will send an email of every issue which will include a link to the work.
I hope you enjoy! Any feedback or collaboration requests are gratefully welcomed. (

Looking forward to seeing you with the second issue soon! Bye bye.
sentimental experience

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<User Sentimental Experience:
I wanna feel too on the web. I wanna look at the screen as if I look beyond the window.>

My passion and love for the web medium have made me think that I want to be a web publisher and designer in the upcoming future. Since then, I've looked around the job market and found UX practice interesting. The idea of drawing a good user experience in our daily digital products is beautiful indeed.
But then I also realised that the user experience meant by the current UX practice is often referring to making all the design elements highly efficient for user performance. Of course this efficiency-orientation is significant, as the web is a functionality-based medium. However, I think good user experience can embrace more than that. What I often miss on the web is a broader variety of sentiments and emotions. I mean feelings that are inviting, warm, energetic, playful, subtle, nostalgic, cute, etc. I believe these are crucial parts of the user experiences as well!

sentimental experience

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🥳 is online 🥳

We've been working with ruangrupa & friends for a while now and we're super proud to see the project launched!

Here's an excerpt from the public post:

The aim of is to create a digital infrastructure that is maintained by the lumbung network without being dependent upon exploitative digital infrastructures. The pandemic and the ensuing digitization of many aspects of creative practice, offered an extra reason to focus on networked media practices., therefore, is an urgent experiment that tries out what an artist-run digital space could be like. was conceptualized and developed together with @rra an artist and doctoral candidate in Interaction Design at Malmö University and with @autonomic. Their work for is part of the @coopcloud initiative, which allows other collectives to set up similar infrastructures.

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Call for participants for a workshop: How to run a small social networking site with your friends

On the 13th and 14th of May, will be hosting a two-day workshop for groups interested in setting up and running their own alternative social media server.

Free of charge, but some commitment required! Remote participation is possible and workshop language is English! Limited spots, apply before the 15th of April.

For more details and how to apply see:

:boost_requested: Boosts appreciated :)

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This Friday, March 25th, from 18h to 21h @ Page not Found, Boekhorststraat 126, The Hague

Page Not Found and the Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, invite you to the launch of the Special Issue “This Box Found You For A Reason”.

This trimester I had the great pleasure of working together with the XPUB staff and master students to explore how features of (video)games are making us more, not less, productive. The form of the publication that emerged reworks the figure of the loot box, a typically virtual and predatory monetisation scheme.

The launch features presentations by the XPUB students and a discussion with Sepp Eckenhaussen and Koen Bartijn, directors of Platform BK. They will engage in conversation on the economics of the publication, and on larger questions of how the labour of artists and designers is valued and what structures, guidelines and policies can help (small scale) institutions ensure that these practices remain sustainable.

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Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB) application deadlines:
March 16 2022: early/non-EU
April 28 2022: final deadline EU

In attachment
A book is... (work in progress)
Jian Haake (current XPUB first year student)

Question about a specific PDF format known as PDF/X-1a:2001 

It's a bit of a shot in the dark perhaps, but does anyone have experience with saving or converting PDFs into the specific format known as PDF/X-1a:2001 without using Adobe products?

We made booklets using web-to-print techniques, to document the Digital Solidarity Networks events we hosted at before the summer. We would like to print them at a digital/POD printer, which rejected our files. It seems to be that the PDF/X-1a:2001 is really the standard in the world of digital and POD print and when searching online you bump into many "no sorry, use Adobe" answers.

One way to do it seems through Scribus, by importing the PDF as high res images.

But a CLI tool would be sooo useful. :)

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" is a libre catalogue, focusing on somewhat contemporary type. There are currently 91 typefaces featured."


The Web to Print Library

Printed editions produced with open source and web tools: a physical and mobile archive for schools, libraries and exhibition places. By @LucileHaute @JuhelJuhzl

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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