This weekend Varia is hosting two gatherings that are both the start of a series:

Feminist Hack Meetings (on Saturday)

An informal first gathering of a series of research meetings that aim to explore the suggestions, urgencies and potentials of feminist hack & tech initiatives.


Read & Repair feat. The Bootleg Library (on Sunday)

Come and make yourself comfortable, read the books you never find time to read, browse/exchange/acquire parts from our electronics depot or use the quietness of the day to repair things that need fixing.


@manetta @anglk
I would have joined if I had known, but I see this only now because someone boosted this post...
Maybe announce on on etc mailing list.

@natacha @manetta hey Natacha sorry for that. It's our fault because we announced it really last moment but this is an introduction and we are planning to do much more meetings. I will take care of announcing it on time at etc list and mastodon

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