Considering that many of you are new to post.lurk.org, or have returned after a long time, here is a primer on our netiquette (aka the 1010 commandments :unacceptable: ):

0000) As we understand post.lurk.org to be a community of communities, we have a ToS / CoC which you are expected to read, respect and uphold (lurk.org/TOS.txt). This covers how we talk to one another.

Because Mastodon is also understood by some people as a drop-in alternative to Twitter, such people will default to the same behaviour here as they had on any other mainstream commercial social media. For others though, including us, it is an opportunity for cultural workers to test and/or rethink what social media could be beyond a tool for posting mindless promotion.

So, while we welcome and understand that passively announcing new works/projects/lectures/etc is an important aspect of our activities, it should not be your primary activity here. Honestly, if you are truly looking for a Twitter-like stage from which you can grow an audience, then using a generic Mastodon instance is much more suited and you will be able to follow people here as well!

0010) 🔓 use the unlisted functionality if you make many frequent posts in a row.

These tend to suddenly take all the space on the local timeline (TL). The local TL is the only shared / community space we have.

For instance, make your own threads, the first post could be public, and subsequent updates could be posted as unlisted replies to yourself. Everyone will see the first post, and the unlisted replies will be visible to your followers automatically.

Fear not, the non-followers can still see the replies when they visit the thread. Think about the local TL as if it were our shared living room, it's cosy to be all in there, but if we don't keep it tidy together it's going to be an unwelcoming mess.

Furthermore, it is nice to make room on the local TL for those who are slow posters, we are after all, mostly lurkers :)

0011) Only cross-post TO twitter and not FROM twitter. But even if you do, joining the Fediverse simply to use Mastodon as a more ethical backend to keep publishing on Twitter would be missing the point, no? :)

0100) Help avoid hellthreads! If there is a discussion with many participants tagged, it is a good etiquette to signal that you want to be untagged if the discussion is not relevant to you anymore, and likewise, if someone asks to be untagged, please respect their request in your next reply.

Mass tagging is also a harassment tactic.

0101) Make use of Content Warnings. 

They are useful to summarize longer posts. Moreover, Mastodon has a strong culture of using those, especially with regards topics such as suicide, self-harm, abuse, mental health and the latest twitter or political outrage.

0110) Help make this space more accessible. Use the available accessibility tools. For instance, provide a summary/description for images. Yes, even for your obscure memes. Yes, it takes more time. No, it does not ruin the fun, it only spreads it over to more people.

0111) Be welcoming! If you've been on here longer and know the ins and outs of Mastodon/Fediverse, please help newcomers out! That also includes reminding them kindly about our netiquette.

1000) You can follow hashtags such as and to discover content.

Writing an post allows others to find you.

Using hashtags more generally is a way to make your posts discoverable, but be thoughtful about their use, as spamming hashtags is frowned upon (also this is not instagram).

1001) post.lurk.org is not a "service", nor does it have unlimited time, resources or disk space.

Also, keep in mind that if we want LURK to be sustainble on the long run, and not a quick kneejerk-ragequit-holdmybeer weekend project, it needs your financial support. There really is no such thing as a free lunch.

So, if you are privileged enough to afford it, let's set a precedent, support our work opencollective.com/lurk.

The same goes for the wider ecosystem as a whole, so consider also supporting the work of application developers (opencollective.com/tusky) or the developer of the Hometown software that post.lurk.org is based on (patreon.com/tinysubversions).


1010) Your presence here actively removes profitability from corporate extractive social platforms, as they depend on your continous engagement to extract profit.

At the same time, you've made it easier for other friends and peers to follow you over the fence. Well done!

We're really happy to have you LURKing here!

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