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Is there something like 'one sec' for Mac?

I will never understand why YouTube is showing me ads in a foreign language to me based on my IP address instead of just using my language browser settings.

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You know I'm very pushy when it comes to journaling, but it's something that if you have not yet tried might really help you when you feel like you've lost your focus or creative spirit.

Understanding your own cycles of stamina might help you plan better, and might offer some comfort, by reminding you that it eventually comes back.

TIL, all browsers on iOS have to use WebKit under the hood. So no matter if you download Firefox or Chrome, it's basically Safari in a different look.

Had to use a Chromium-based browser to book a flight today.

Safari didn't work.

The Telegram developers created a list of Safari issues they ran into while developing the web version of their messenger. They cover a lot of issues I encountered myself, which make it painful to develop web apps for Apple devices.

Let's hope Apple will release new betas today. Want to play around with lock screen widgets more seriously.

Getting tagged in a lot of anti-LGTBQ spam messages.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

🧭 Safari is the new Internet Explorer.

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A pixel-art-based interactive journal of a guy who's currently walking the Appalachian Trail. He seems to update pretty frequently.

Remember when the internet was this fun all the time?

Probably pretty controversial, but is there an easy way to filter out all the cat pics and videos on here?

Finally started bullet journaling again. Fell of in early May. Really missed it.

Started to experiment with iOS 16 and lock screen widgets for Futureland yesterday night.

The iOS 16 beta is still pretty buggy but I already like the simplicity of this new API.

I am surrounded by software and hardware that does not work, and I have to build on it.

Found this really handy tutorial about 'How to Eliminate Monsters Under the Bed'

I love open source software I can self host.

Pretty proud I can already read this without looking up a single word. I already came further than I noticed before.

Kamu tidak harus menjadi yang terbaik untuk bisa bahagia!! = You don’t have to be the best to be happy!!

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Every small, non-commercial project should have this tag on their issue tracker.

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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