I spent the last hour building this mad stupid app, which counts how often my cat Karlsson meows, to play around with Apple's 'Sound Analysis' framework.

🔊(sound on)

The app already recorded ~3.500 meows.

His high score is 32 MPM (meows per minute)

I added some simple statistics to see when he is most active:

Tonight I can hear another cat replying to Karlsson.
I like to imagine it is his brother, who ran away in August. It sounds far away, tho.

Created an app icon in 2 minutes based on the app icon.

Last night, we finally all got some sleep again. was pretty calm until sunset. We came home around 1 am.

Yesterday I spent a little time to learn more about and CloudKit, which seems to be working now. So all the data recorded with macOS or iOS will always stay synchronized, which I tested yesterday on our night out. Even tho we weren’t at home, we were getting live data of mood.

I played a bit with to create an app icon for this app. It took a while, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I improved the stats a bit to give more insight about each day. As you can see, Karlsson finally stopped meowing like crazy and returned to a more normal level again.

I moved the event record list into its own view, like Apple Health does it. Feels way cleaner overall.

I wrote some short texts for the about view and included some more links:

- Help will open the website Apple forces me to create
- Feedback is a mailto-Link with my email address.
- Rate Meow will open the App Store review section
- Development journal will link to this journal.

Additionally, I simplified the onboarding, by removing the event list and adding this little description here. Furthermore, I built this tiny microphone input visualizer to make it even clearer that the app started listening for cat sounds.

The first time you will open the app, you will see the image on the right side, but instead of 'Open Settings' it will say 'Allow Access' and will show the native microphone access prompt.


I built a quick, ugly website, so I can finally submit the app to the App Store.

You can check it out here:

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 2

So the App got rejected on the first try. Here is the TLDR of what Apple sent me back:

- The support URL specified in your app’s metadata, meow.lucas.love, does not properly navigate to the intended destination.
- I named a button ‘Allow Access’ and Apple wants me to rename it.

✅ Updated meow.lucas.love and added a contact section + contact email address.
✅ Updated the onboarding wording: `Allow Access` → `Continue`
📧 Created a new email address I am going to use for all new apps I build: xoxo@lucas.love
🧑‍💻 Resubmitted the app for another App Store review.

It's live! 🍾

My first iOS app ever. It's a stupid one, but I learned a lot from going through the process. Here is to many more!


Submitted a new version to Apple, which lets cat friends record videos like this one.

Version 1.1 with background mode and video recorder is now live in the App Store! 🚀

@lucas Thanks for that. Saw this seconds before I sent out my This Week in Sound email newsletter. Slipped a mention in.

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