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OK take Twitter but let us keep Dark Sky

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Following @simon's prompt to write about #projects:

#NaNoGenMo or National Novel Generation Month is based on an idea @darius tweeted on a whim:

"Hey, who wants to join me in NaNoGenMo: spend the month writing code that generates a 50k word novel, share the novel & the code at the end"

For the past few years I've been organising it and taking part, here's some of my silly entries:

There's still plenty of November left to join in the fun!

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@liza This reminds me of Rosaire Appel who made an asemic visual score, which somebody later picked up and sung from. She talks about it here:

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Art #introduction: I've been intermittently working in #cyanotype #printmaking for about a decade, running workshops at festivals and carrying a postcard sized travel kit. I've started playing with adding sketches, #botanical objects, and #x-rays and other human and animal imagery.

I love the soft watery quality and crisp lines in finished #blueprints, and the physical process of exposing them with sunlight and washing to develop them without a specialized darkroom.

Two of my own recent faves:

One of my earlier generated "novel" , A Physical Book, has a web version you can use to create your own perturbed text:

I just spruced it up a little to make it easier to save the output.

Someone once used this to create an album cover and sent me the record, which I loved so much.

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Here’s a little film by Inujaaq School Canada 150 committee, celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary (as the country Canada. The place itself has existed and populated since time immemorial). Some of the footage is mine, and I did the editing.

The elder who speaks in it, Qapik, is a joy, and is 102 years young. #Arctic #Nunavut #Inuit #ArcticBay

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Leviathan is out!

Leviathan is the latest interactive comic by Jason Shiga, author of Meanwhile.


Last time I launched a game on Steam, I tweeted it, but now I'm mtooting it. That's life. But if you still have a foothold on Twitter, I'd be grateful if you spread this around! Thanks.

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I've been interested in the BASIC program LOVE for some time. Currently, I'm trying to find different versions of it. It was widely adapted and shared on time share BASIC systems and microcomputers. David Ahl's version in Basic Computer Games, Microcomputer Edition is probably the most recognizable one, but it was also distributed with CPMUG vol 3.

This is a printout generated on an emulated HP Access BASIC using an ASR-33 teletype.

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CFP: Electronic Literature conference 

Here's the CFP for the 2023 ELO* Conference in Coimbra, Portugal!
(JAN 20; JULY 12-15, 2023)

*Electronic Literature Organization

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My mistress' eyes are nothing like these plums

mastodon meta 

Thank you to everyone who pointed at! Gonna give that a whirl too.

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mastodon meta 

Having tried both UIs, I'm going against the grain and sticking to the non-advanced view.

People write more here, and more thoughtfully, and jamming those posts into a bunch of narrow columns feels like an affordance mismatch. Also I'm not commanding the battle bridge of my social media campaign here, I'm just reading stuff.

Plus I like whitespace.

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Hi, just showing off how strong my wheelchair and I are. 😜

Photos are from performances with Misiconi. This is a dance company which works with dancers with and without disabilities. You can read more about it and our projects over here:
(There is a yellow translate button in the corner.)
We dance at festivals, conferences and in theaters. Please hire us! 😄 Or :boost_ok:
#wheelchair #WheelchairDancer #disabled #inclusive #InclusiveDance

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I'm just loving following @simon's #projects hashtag, so here's a #project of mine.

@stryker posts an image from the Library of Congress's archive of the old FSA photos, but the catch is that it only posts the ones that were "destroyed" (literally hole-punched through) by the the mercurial head of the FSA photo project, Roy Stryker.

It looks like this.

If you're totally new to interactive fiction, look for entries that are marked "Choice-based" and can be played on the web.

Entries marked "Parser-based" mean that you will type commands to explore the world and (often) to solve puzzles.

Here's a good reference from the competition organizers on the types of entries and what to expect when playing them:

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If you've ever played any or , or have an interest in digital narrative, I encourage you to play and vote on some games from the 28th annual Interactive Fiction Competition () this weekend!

You're fully prepared if you've ever played any text adventure games, but most entries won't require any previous experience. Many are not games at all but short pieces of fiction—our community welcomes both types!

You only need to judge 5 games to have your vote counted, and it's important to us as a community to broaden the representation of the judging pool.

Please check it out at

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I built this tool a year ago but I feel like Mastodon folks would like it

The "Weird Old Book Finder"

Type in a search query, and it'll find one randomly-chosen public-domain book that matches the query -- and present it for immediate reading:

Why only one book? To prevent the paradox of choice! Just *start readin'*

Can't promise every book will be weird, but most are

A longer essay on how/why I developed it:

This was a search for "mastodon"

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I recently picked up my GPU text rendering project (Gouache) again after a long break. I wrote something over on Cohost about what I'm currently exploring:

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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