My third and—I swear—final National Novel Generation Month entry this year: "There are stars" (, which gets longer each time someone stars its Github repository (

I reckon it won't hit 50,000 words but that's okay!

This is a smaller version of an earlier idea which I decided had trust and safety issues. I'm collecting my thoughts about that project now—I would have thought about it differently prior to my experience with the fediverse's approach to consent.

@liza wow you've done 3?? last I heard you had no ideas! I have one idea but have been slammed and swamped and exhausted... maybe this weekend...

@arnicas Please do it! Even a small version if you can!

@arnicas @liza Same...I got two works in last year (thanks @liza for the inspiration and code for the Great Gatsby erasure!)...But not sure I can manage anything this year. November is just the worst month on the academic calendar.

@arnicas @liza And this is disappointing to me, because last December 1 I was full of ideas that I told myself were doable by November 30 if I just...did them.

@samplereality @arnicas Yeah when I'm in a political job November is uh also pretty tough (I think 2020 is the one year I skipped entirely).

I'm trying to take advantage of this year where I'm in a better position to do experimental stuff.

@samplereality @liza it's always a terrible month, i hate it for this project

@arnicas @samplereality I give you all permission to cheat and do your projects whenever you want and then post them in November

@arnicas @samplereality There are no nanogenmo cops, we defunded them and replaced them with a model of community support and empathy

@liza Nice! I guess there's no way to know which character was added for my star?

@grwster No, the code knows when it runs but then it throws that information away.

@liza by process of elimination, I'm either the tuner, the veterinarian, the street vendor, the astronomer, or the roustabout... I'll go with roustabout ;-)

@grwster Ha! If you were deeply invested in the answer you should be figure it out manually by running the code yourself and feeding the relevant function your username, but I think the mystery is better.

I admit to editing the data files a little until it gave me a set I liked for my own first star, but that's Authorial Privilege.

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