This is like everyone simultaneously wandering around the cafeteria holding their trays looking for their friends.

@liza I usually end up sitting at a table my myself in those situations.

@samplereality @liza Same but drinking a Grauburgunder and hoping no one unsavory sits with me.

@samplereality @liza

Similar vibe. If this were a party... I'd be off looking for the house pet and hanging with them.


@liza and bumping into each other then looking at their shoes mumbling

@liza oh hey it's you, how was your summer vacation?"]

Well, perfect occasion to make new ones. Grab a seat and make yourself confortable.

BTS, this is Olfa, she likes to be pet. 🐕👋

@liza haha yes! While eyed by amused veterans... I like it a lot, found so many interesting ppl in so little time <3

@liza So, like, there's a chair there. I dunno. You can, I guess set. If that's your thing. <glowers>

@liza that seems to kinda be Masto’s “low key superpower” in some ways?

Like… it’s a little more awkward, but in a more human way?

@liza haha yeah! the excitement and confusion of the first day of high school (also hi!)

@liza hoping that we see a lot more cool interactive fiction/weird games people joining fedi 🤞 even if it's also an eternal october


life often reminds me of that

(minus the friends. personally I preferred quiet lunches)

@liza Wow, that jostled loose memories that I hadn't thought about in a long time.

@liza unrelated but your hair is awesome 😁 new to dyeing mine 💙

Hey so uhm 👉👈 I noticed the chair next to you is empty can I sit at your table? UwU
*Blushes and collapses*

[My post is incredibly cursed you're welcome lmao]

@liza Just arrived and still trying to work out if there are bullies to look out for.

@armigerm @liza the good news is that moderation keeps bad people clustered on servers that don’t moderate. So it’s easy to block whole servers (eg anything with “kiwifarms” in the domain). So there are bullies and bad folks, just like anywhere. But they’re easier to identify and avoid

@liza Trying not to get shanked. Let's play: Am I talking about prison or did I go to a shifty school? 😂​

@liza For sure! If I have the energy tomorrow I'll try to x-reference my complete Twitter list. But I don't know if I've got that in me.

@liza Yes, social media with next level rl experience

@liza We're all just trying to find seats that are the perfect mix of not too far from everyone to be isolated but not close enough to be weird

. @liza or looking for a nice and big table at the window where we can all sit down 😀

@liza I’m just here trying to figure out whether this is a giant food court where I can see everyone else eating or whether there are separate restaurants that my friends went to and I just haven’t found them yet??

@liza we’re going to need to push a few tables together to fit everyone in at this rate! :p

@liza I feel like a booth at campus quad day hoping some will want to join my club.

@liza I'm not sure if we know each other yet, because I'm overwhelmed by today...but if we aren't already, I think we might

@liza at least people don’t say “seat’s taken” here when you find a table to sit at. So far, they wave and invite you to join in.

@DavidBFox @liza

That was my experience too (in 2017?!).

Because I'm also on metafilter, I found a bunch of somewhat-familiar folks by searching for the mefite hashtag, plus a bunch of people I *thought* were mefites, plus a bunch of folks they followed.

Of course, it turned out most of the mefites had gone back to birdsite, but it was okay; the other folks were still pretty much all cool and nice.

BTW, y'all seem cool so I'm gonna follow along like the clingy nerdboy I am^Wwas.

@liza perfect description! Can I sit af your table? 😃

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