Hello @misho @c_robo_ and @tuuun and welcome to post.lurk.org!

The Fediverse and Mastodon are not super intuitive to get started with so here is an introduction in two parts!

The most difficult thing is to discover content and people you find interesting.

For that there are generally two strategies: first you can post and subscribe to hashtags. This is currently the best way to find particular conversations. For example you could look at or post to to find others interested in that topic. Most commonly is used to describe briefly what you are interested in, that way people can follow you. If you do I can boost you for visibility.

The second strategy is to make use of both the 'Local' and 'Federated'/'Global' timelines. The local one shows all posts by people on post.lurk.org. The 'Global' timeline shows all posts by people followed by people on lurk.org but who are themselves on a different part of the network. See here for a visual explanation:




@misho @c_robo_ @tuuun If you know of other people who could feel at home on lurk, please invite them by generating an invite code: post.lurk.org/invites

Our moderation policy can be found here: post.lurk.org/terms

Mastodon has quite granular visibility settings for your posts, you find them in the message compose field. Here is how they work: dev.glitch.social/@cassolotl/9. In addition to those we have another option (the chain link) which makes your posts not federate, meaning they are only visible on post.lurk.org.

It is possible to switch to different color themes and even a multi-column layout in your preferences: post.lurk.org/settings/prefere

If you want to move to another instance you can migrate your social graph here: post.lurk.org/settings/profile

If you wanna do some serious reading on what else is possible, here's a good place to start: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Guide

Lastly if you have any questions or issues you can contact me or one of the other mods:
@320x200 or @rra
happy lurking!


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