@lidia_p @orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje It looks like beautiful, but also has a few errors.

- Friendica supported ActivityPub not in 2010 - PeerTube and FunkWhale didn't start in 2015
- De predecessor of Hubzilla was RedMatrix, and was partly a fork of Friendica.
- MissKey is partly a fork of Mastodon, so it can't be from 2015.
- etc.

yes, definitely possible that it has more than a few errors, so thanks for helping out :) we will be updating this, so quite happy to hear feedback!
@orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje

@jeroenpraat @lidia_p @orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje MissKey is definitely *not* a fork of Mastodon in anyway. Its actually many years older of a project. I have seen the git proof of this, you can look at the history.


We choose to seek autonomy through decentralization and self-hosting in this decade and do the other things not because it is easy, but because it is hard ... because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.



@liaizon @jeroenpraat @lidia_p @orrpetrichorr @estragon @clacke


@jeroenpraat @orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje P.S.: the protocol blobs in the poster are not representative of the year these were adopted by the different projects. while the projects are placed by their year of origin, the protocol blobs represent (or try to) past/current implementation.

@lidia_p I didn't know about the protocol blobs. Wouldn't it be better to use coloured dots?

Friendica uses or used the DFRN protocol as its default protocol. But maybe I've missed the move to AP as their default proto.

Although Peertube's first commit was in October 2015, its first alpha release was in January 2018.

@liaizon OK, I'm wrong about it being a fork. I was confused by the similar UI. I looked to the history on Github and the oldest commit is from December 2016, but the first alpha release is from April 2018. Because Mastodon started using AP in September 2015, MissKey probably used another protocol (Ostatus?).

Maybe we need a Fediverse history facts page somewhere. 😉

@orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje

@jeroenpraat @lidia_p @orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje

the first version of misskey actually says “2014年6月 開発開始と思われる” on their wiki https://misskey.wiki/misskey

@liaizon Interesting. If I translate that text, I see they lost three times all data. This project has restarted a few times.

See also: https://web.archive.org/web/20140911001916/http://misskey.xyz/

@lidia_p @orrpetrichorr @estragon @bootje

@jeroenpraat You mean Mastodon started using ActivityPub in September 2017, when Mastodon and ActivityPub both existed and had been released. :-)

MissKey started using ActivityPub in December 2018 I believe -- it's the first changelog item that mentions it:


I have asked before about what MissKey was using before AP, and I believe the answer was that it simply didn't federate.

@lidia_p @liaizon @orrpetrichorr @estragon @clacke
@jeroenpraat I was sure that PeerTube was launched in 2018, almost as a response to ActivityPub creating new opportunities, but just like MissKey it turns out to have been a project long in the making, which gained prominence and relevance when it added AP.

The first commits were made in 2015, the first PR was made in December 2015, and it was from a person who wasn't chocobozz.

@estragon @lidia_p @orrpetrichorr
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