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@tomsart pusblished his Libre Graphics Meeting recap on his website. Check it out:

Bonjour les Mastonautes.

Est-ce que vous auriez de bons tutoriaux pour #Inkscape ?

Welcome @Tatica to the . Tatica is a full-time designer, photographer and community organizer. She gave a talk at on how she turned her FLOSS community into a design studio. She is also an avid contributor to .

Welcome @graphicore to the . Lasse Fister is a developer and type designer. Among other things, he developed graphicoreBMFB, a bitmap font building script that you might have seen in a presentation at .

Thank you all at @lgm for making this happening... I will be grateful all my life for having such a conference where I don't feel weird

I am still catching up with the post conference emails etc, but to @lgm and everyone who joined here during the conference to post.lurk or elsewhere...

We have a tradition here at mastodon to use #introductions / #introduction tag to well introduce ourselves. (also using other tags that indicate interest) it makes it easy to find other newcomers (they are a good place to find people to follow), and it also makes a nice way to boost information about you. :)

Finally back home from #lgm19 .

Met a lot of people, some of which I already knew from irc(including meeting a Krita contributor, Tiar, for the first time), others which I knew would be there for other applications, but also fediverse people like @eylul which I hadn't expected! Very interesting conversations were had, as well as fun!

Anyway, attaching a picture of the back of the vest I wore. Took a while to figure out how to do this, have many prototypes.

Hey everyone. Please Welcome @ale to the . He is one of the core contributor to @lgm, maintainer of our infrastructure and developer.

We are asking everyone who took pictures during to drop us a link, here our in our mailing-list, to a spot online where we can access them.

Johannes Hanika and Tobias Ellinghaus giving the birthday speech of the 10th anniversary of #darktable, yesterday at #LGM19

I guess that was expected, but we just all realized that half of #lgm19 is in the ICE train from Saarbrucken to Paris this morning.

We should have planned a BoF or a workshop of some sort.

Hey, I did not know it was a "bring your own cat" at #lgm19.

Cool to say hello to #ZeMarmot team at the train station, though.

somehow the last day of #lgm19 managed to be as hectic as all other days. presentations, workshop, lunch, dinner and an impromptu informal user study of sorts. xD #lgm2019 was my first #lgm. Meeting developers of projects I use as well as fellow artists, advocates and educators, it was inspiring and a lot of fun.

now, it is one day of downtime (because I refuse to travel the day before bayram) then it is back to real life.

The #Blender workshop at the #lgm19 was really interesting. Blender dna system is really awesome for providing backward and forward compatibility. Also how the dna properties are accessible in the ui from python, make it really powerful to create ui on the fly. Danke Julien für dieses wunderbare Workshop.

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