Inspired by a presentation by @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente, we ask you: supposing these 3 terms describe the same thing, which one would you prefer?

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@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente the only one that makes any sense is 'F/LOSS Design', as it is the only one that says that you are talking about software - 'design' isn't a contraction of 'UX design'

@brunopostle @lgm @aiscarvalho When we proposed these terms, one of the issues in mind was how vast the "design" term is. In this case, we meant to encompass most fields of design, not just software-directed or digital-based.

The "F/LOSS design" term is actually my favourite because it refers to the tools used in the design process.

@rlafuente @lgm @aiscarvalho I don't have a perfect label either. Approaching design and making with a free software attitude of sharing, copying and incremental improvement is best described as 'tradition' - but this word needs to be reclaimed

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente

Technically F/LOSS, but as a communicative method: "Libre" easily.

@ohyran @lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente yup, same here. Libre might be quite easier to explain and spread. FLOSS can always raise some eyebrows specially in marketing department etc (even though it might be less ambiguous) 🤔

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente As designers, our work is maybe to coin a new term that is both accurate and communicative.

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente Anyway, as a person who often tries to explain F/LOSS design, I think the less worst for this task is “Libre Design”

@lgm personally, none of the propositions looks really good to me. Nobody around me uses the term F/LOSS, Open Source Design is already taken and Libre Design is not that catchy. still, the latest got my vote.

can we try to have something as catchy as the "Reclaim your Tools" that has been created for the LGM 2010?

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente I guess F/LOSS design seems like it means "design made with free software", rather than Libre or Open Source which imply the design itself is Libre. F/LOSD might be an alternative. But it sounds like flossed which makes me think of dental hygeine...

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