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🚜 Me parecen correctas las reivindicaciones de los agricultores de esta semana. 🚜

¿Que puedo hacer?

Pues aquí un hilo de recursos en Madrid:

1.- Aprende los conceptos que necesitas: Soberanía Alimentaria y Agroecológica, Consumo de Kilómetro 0, Economía Social.

Busca estos conceptos, y empápate. El conocimiento es el primer paso para la acción.



99 smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps. Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route! #googlemapshacks


HEY ARTISTS and general people who are looking for creative opportunities -->

i'm sharing what might be my life's work, which is a spreadsheet of almost 400 places that hold regular open calls for residencies, shows, and funding

y'all deserve this and we gotta take care of each other. apply to things and get that support:

Call for participation is out: - Of Whirlpools and Tornadoes 20th - 23rd of May 2020
Festival locations: architekturforum oö, Stadtwerkstatt, Kunstuniversität Linz

Deadline: 24th of February 2020.

Ok so we are doing a very unstructured exploration of the fediverse tomorrow with around 40 people in berlin. What should they see? Where should they go? Give me your last minute ideas.

Next week during @liaizon @lidia_p @320x200 and me are hosting a few workshops to introduce people to the fediverse.

"Welcome to the Federation" is a workshop and Q&A session for people new to or already part of the . We will cover concepts such as the server-client model; on-line federation; discussions of different servers and communities; and last but not least allow those new to the idea to sign up on the Fediverse. The workshops also deal with how to run or join a Fediverse community, the challenges of federated social networking, and the wider impact the Fediverse has on free software production and its culture. The workshops are meant to be informal and semi-structured to allow for different levels of engagement and experience from the participants, but will nonetheless offer a high level of understanding."

A couple of months ago I tooted looking for a vector grid-based editor. Nothing came up so we (Manufactura Independente) set out to make one.

It still has a set of kinks, but it's usable to the point that we've been using it to make a few designs.

We plan to release it in Feb/Mar under a free software copyleft license (AGPL). It runs on the browser with no server-side logic and no tracking.

If you'd like to try the beta and tell us about your experience, that'd be fab! Just reply to this toot and we'll get in touch.

¿Por qué el software creado con dinero de los impuestos no se publica como Software Libre?

Queremos una legislación que permita que el software desarrollado para el sector público y financiado con recursos públicos esté disponible públicamente bajo una licencia de Software Libre y Código Abierto. Si es dinero público debería ser también código público.

¡El código pagado por los ciudadanos debería estar disponible para los ciudadanos!

Firmar ahora:

Self-hosted community video streaming 

Hi everyone!

My name is Shell, and I'd like to announce the first pre-release of my free software project, Keyframe - a self-hosted live video streaming server with integrated chat.

Today, the world of video streaming is dominated by the big names - Amazon's Twitch, Facebook Live, Google's Youtube. Streamers are restricted by their platforms in what content they can broadcast, in constant risk of being banned by automatic processes without adequate human recourse, and give a significant cut to their platforms in order to monetise, while being unable to leave - that's where their viewers are.

Keyframe is a project to allow streaming communities to break free of these platforms, by providing digital infrastructure integrating a live streaming server and community features, installable on your own server. I have a test stream available if you want to see what it looks like in its current state.

Keyframe could also become important for webcam models, who currently depend on streaming platforms which take approximately a 50% cut. By setting up cooperative structures to host their own streaming servers, they could cut out the middleman and take more of the income that their audiences want to give them.

The history

I started working on self-hosted video streaming for as I wanted to stream myself playing video games, but didn't want to sign up for yet another large company's service and embed my online life further into their grasp. The first version was some ad-hoc configuration around nginx-rtmp-module, the Prosody XMPP server and Converse.JS.

Shortly after showing it off to some friends, they asked me whether they could use it for a variety of things - from video game streaming like myself, to streaming themselves coding or creating art, to webcam modeling.

I talked about it a little as part of a presentation on hosting your own internet services at NorthernRST, and set myself to work on releasing a version that could be installed by other people, fixing up the set of ad-hoc hacks I'd built for myself.

The plan

The immediate future plan is to build ActivityPub support into Keyframe, allowing viewers to follow streamers wherever they are and from whatever Fediverse platform they use; and streamers to interact with their viewers, sharing updates and video clips, and responding to their viewers' comments even when offline.

I'd also like to implement re-encoding and automatic quality switches based on bandwidth available, reduce latency as much as possible, integrate a variety of monetisation options (and the flexibility for streamers to build their own), work on the chat system, and make the system installable on a wider range of servers - i.e. drop the dependency on NixOS by using nix-bundle to create a cross-platform build.

I need your help

To do all this though, I need your help. I'm currently living in a squat in the Netherlands, having recently been made homeless. I'm looking to build some recurring income so I don't have to worry about access to food and healthcare while working on this. To that end, I've set up a Liberapay profile. By donating to me on Liberapay, I can be more assured of a continuing income every week and focus my efforts on making Keyframe the best technology it can be, for streamers and viewers everywhere.

If you're interested in keeping up with this project, you can follow me (and therefore this blog) on Plume, Mastodon, Pleroma, or your Fediverse system of choice -

If you want to talk to me, please comment on this post with your Fediverse account, send me an email, or get in touch with me on XMPP - both addresses are

Hey everyone, #ThoughtWorks #Spain is looking for a #UX #Designer to be based in#Madrid.

Check the #job offer here:

And don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about it.

"Diez aplicaciones modernas para la línea de comandos" basado en el artículo "My Ten Favorite Command-Line Utilities" de Julia unicorncoding

Líbano lleva ya 91 días de protestas

Anoche los manifestantes comenzaron a focalizar su ira contra los bancos que restringen la retirada de capitales, destruyendo los que encontraban a lo largo de Hamra (Beirut)

Ayer hubo 59 detenidos y hoy ya van 30 heridos en enfrentamientos

@trunkesp Please add me to Arte, Cultura Libre, FLOSS, Soberania Tecnologica.

¿Por qué todos los medios deberían contar con una sección potente de #viñetas?

Abro hilo. ✍️🏻👇🏻

📙 ¿Sabéis lo que eran las Páginas Amarillas?📙

En España era un librote gordo donde consultar los teléfonos y direcciones de la gente, llegaba gratis a casa.

Pues en el Fediverso el equivalente es #trunk, donde te das de alta especificando las temáticas que te interesan y la gente te puede seguir.

Pues gracias a ya tenemos directorio en español

Y el bot es @trunkesp

¿Qué joseo estáis haciendo en vez de apuntaros ya?

cc @kensanata

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