The call for papers for the LIMITS 2022 workshop is out, for those interested in the relation between computing, ecological limits in general, climate- and climate justice. 🌱

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@cblgh @l03s aha, gosh. I can't write that well.. I'm just a fan of reading the papers, I don't think I could write one, not in English anyways.

@rra @cblgh @l03s Oh my, I.. okay, I think we can get it done. I have ideas. I ALWAYS HAVE IDEAS.

Let me think about this for a day or two.

@rezmason @rra @cblgh @l03s

Let's play


Electronics recycling is leaking toxic chemicals in ..

@neauoire @rezmason @rra @cblgh waterways, soil and bodies. What if older electronics weren't discarded but....

@l03s @neauoire @rezmason @rra @cblgh given new life and purpose by way of a language designed for...

@tendigits @l03s @neauoire @rra @cblgh maximizing the value of legacy hardware and minimizing overall ecological impact?

uxn is...

@rezmason @tendigits @l03s @neauoire @cblgh

.. is but one example of software practices, ranging from the creative to the utilitarian, the well known to the obscure, that could help sketch the outline of what a computational approach to degrowth could look like.

Aside from uxn this paper also touches on postmarketOS, which..

@rra @rezmason @tendigits @l03s @cblgh .. is both giving back controls of the data and the device to the user, but also a way toward escaping planned ..

@neauoire @rra @rezmason @tendigits @cblgh obsolescence. These practices, together with a demand for the repairability of devices...

@neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits @rezmason @l03s .. , could ultimately shape the future of computing itself.

The future of computing demands a paradigm that is radically different

@viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits @l03s than the status quo. Since the advent of the microprocessor, the tech industry has leaned increasingly on Moore's Law (shorthand for a presumptuous accelerationist outlook) and lock-in, strategies that in the long term...

@rezmason @viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits @l03s

have led to an emphasize on bloated software, costly upgrade cycles, and ..

@exquisitecorp @viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits @l03s the spread of needlessly fragile and ephemeral modalities in userspace. Instead,

@rezmason @exquisitecorp @viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits aiming for planned longevity, undoing the spell which transforms today's state of the art must haves into dead media in the blink of an eye. Microprocessors ...

@l03s @rezmason @exquisitecorp @viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits and macro processes will both be considered as we unpack the implications of ...

@jboy @rezmason @exquisitecorp @viznut @neauoire @cblgh @rra @tendigits developing open source software and OS's that run on old hardware, through a collaboratively written text, an exquisite corpse which sadly, at the time of writing, is at high risk of untimely death...

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@Ten Digits @rezmason @𝓻𝓻π“ͺ @Devine Lu Linvega @l03s @viznut ..which learns from a hyperconnected networks of ecosystems in terms of both computatonal complexity and energy management

@nintegge @rra @cblgh @l03s wanna write a sort of preface? I don't know anything about writing papers.

Maybe it would be fun if it's not directly about uxn but working within constraints. There's great things to say about working with small versionable text files and formats in uxn, I've been interested in data storage on paper and I wonder if might not be more interesting to talk about that.

Encoding programs in qr codes, sending games over radio waves, etc

@neauoire @nintegge @rra @cblgh that could be very interesting! I was thinking of exquisite corpse/cadavre exquis, which was a surrealist paper game in text or image, and what the academic paper version of that could be. Thinking of the drawing version where a paper is folded in 4 parts, collectively writing it in several sections, everyone bringing something to the body of text, with the initial thread woven in, it could work!

A federated exquisite corpse about working within constraints by breathing new life into (dead media/zombie media or simply) existing media: paper.

@rra computational degrowth by (re)using, repairing, the wheel (when necessary) instead of reinventing it for soon to be invented needs?

@neauoire @nintegge @rra @cblgh that was a bit rambly perhaps, but in any case, me, @320x200 and @cmos4040 could add a section on The SKOR codex

If the thread allows for a paper data storage twist :)

@l03s @nintegge @rra @cblgh @320x200 @cmos4040 I've been thinking about the sea mirror recently, I often think about this idea of digesting complex maths into simple drawings, or lookup tables or nonograms. Keeping these in a briefcase, and using its content like you would a computer.

What would be the most efficient paper aid to something like the human-computing project:

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