Hi Lurk, are you following the Cryptoart/NFT debate?

I would like to find and read any kind of critique of the cryptoart system. I've been following the discussion on environmental impact, but I'm also interested in other angles -- e.g. if the power consumption problem is solved, would cryptoart be ok?

Some threads that I haven't seen developed, probably because I'm not reading the right people:

- NFTs as strange simulacra of the questionable capitalist art market
- yet another instance of "disruption" of traditional systems that will "empower" the people by "cutting out the middlemen", we've seen this
- billionaires hyping up this new system along with their bullish stance on cryptocurrency (Musk & Tesla)
- artists becoming hype-ridden sales megaphones (see the twitter feed of most artists in NFT)
- reduction of digital art to easily digestible, visually attractive formats

I'd love to know what you have to say and point out any ongoing critiques about this interesting issue? (yeah you, if you're reading this you're included)

@rlafuente i think there's a critique to be made about introducing scarce "property rights" into the digital

@cblgh @rlafuente crapularity aesthetics is not an entirely dead end :)

"There is an arts history of working within crapularities. It runs at least from Fluxus to punk while its latest manifestation, meme culture, has gone down the road of reactionary nihilism. Crapularity aesthetics is thus in need of an update, through artists."

@l03s @cblgh I'm absolutely unsurprised that a current hot topic was already framed by Florian 3 years ago. Eager to go through this now -- thank you so much

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