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fun fact: A lot of (modern) Icelandic Christmas songs are just Italian pop songs with Icelandic lyrics.

I've been using instantOS ( for the past 2 or 3 weeks and so far it's been a really enjoyable experience. Definitely recommend it if someone is looking to try a new distro.

I had completely forgotten how satisfying it is to watch my 3D printer operate.

Using Scribus for my workflow is starting to become really annoying. I feel like every project I use it for I bump into a new bug which often requires an annoyingly large workaround. The Affinity package is starting look pretty nice but I also don't really like working in Windows which puts me in quite the pickle.

Any experts here that can tell me why capital letters with diacritics (especially the ´ ) adds a linebreak for no reason? is there any way to avoid this that does not involve reducing the text size by a lot or increasing the baseline grid spacing by a lot?

I think it's kind of funny I have a backup/archive of all the projects I've done in the past 6 or 7 years which seems to be the norm except that in those years my workflow and choice of software has changed so much that I am unable to open/use any of the files.Not that I really need to use them for anything :thinkhappy:

I caught myself consuming 3 contents at the same time

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it's all about creating or consuming content these days

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I found a 1985 vintage Daisy Wheel recently. It's basically an electric typewriter (sans keyboard) with a serial port. I have no docs but it seems to have similar guts to an old Atari printer which has PDFs floating around. It's enough that I have sorted out how to print all characters, and tweak the vertical and horizontal pitch.

art is fun but I decided to make graphics... by typing lots of periods. I dig it. It has a kind of offset dithered look:

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boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

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Energy Conservation with Open Source Ad Blockers

"The results show that page load time dropped
11% with AdBlock+,
22.2% with Privacy Badger, and
28.5% with uBlock Origin.
Thus, uBlock Origin has the potential to save the average global Internet user more than 100 h annually."


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trying to create something in JS(when you don't know anything) is a lot more annoying than trying to create something in Python(when you don't know anything)

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