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My sisters band just released their first album on spotify last week. Artwork made by me using and

You can listen to it here

Plotted a portion of a map of Reykjavík today. Still need to get a better pen and find a smoother workflow for generating the svg for the map

Decided to give P5.js a try and porting some of the code I had made for PIL over to P5.js. Seems to work pretty nice but I still need to find a nicer way to fill in the squares. Also I can export stuff from P5.js to svg which makes plotting the designs way simpler.

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What's your favorite browser to use on Linux?

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"Dark Lego, show me the forbidden connection techniques":

a leaked PDF of a Lego internal corporate document describing "illegal" connections that must not be used in official kit-building instructions

Much has been written on the analogy between lego connections and programming language syntax; that would make this illegal connection PDF the equivalent of, like, undocumented compiler features or something.

Oh the maintainer of Juicy-Gcode* fixed the issues I was having so at the moment that is the solution I am using. In case anyone else wants to use their 3D printer as a plotter.


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@KnowPresent didn't you have some experience with plotting with GCode or am I misremembering?

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Dang, didn't realize LaserWeb wasn't outputting arcs, so we are back at square one kinda.

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Managed to use LaserWeb to generate gcode. Printed a little mount for my extruder to hold my pen and made a test plot.

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Anyone have any experiences with svg to gcode tools? Just realized I could use my 3D Printer as a plotter but having troubles making some good gcode

can you call refer to one voxel as 1vx? Like you call one pixel 1px

I think it is pretty interesting that the current pandemic has shown how most people(at least from my point of view here in Iceland) have no clue what to do with their days when they don't have to/can't go to work or school.

Trying for creating a slideshow. Pretty nice so far and it is super nice to create slides in markdown. Still need to figure out if there are more options to style it beyond changing text and background color.

Anyone know any that have a column view similar to the finder in MacOS? I know Pantheon Files has it but curious if there are any others.

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So the official icelandic Covid19 tracking app is open source. (and all tracking data is stored locally, and only locally). This blows my mind.

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