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ME: Wha? My shoe?
INSTRUCTOR: Your parachute!
ME: Pair of shoes?
CORONER: Where's his shoes?

Ended up using krita as it was closest to what I knew. I also tried Imagemagick but didn't manage to tune it too well. But the whole work flow was a bit wonky, jumping from inkscape, gimp and krita so I will post an update if I figure out something smoother

Work in progress on the risoprint poster. All made with open source software. Also if you are in Arnhem on the 20th of april you're formally invited to Syntax v7

Anyone got tips on how to split an image into CMYK for in ? I used to be able to access each color layer in photoshop but has no CMYK support so I'm a bit lost

The art business team at school is excited about my entrepreneural endeavor after graduation. lol :thinkhappy:

and on that topic, Solvespace is amazing for modeling simple things if you don't know anything about CAD.

What's up with 3D printers just printing out arbitrary sizes in your model. Why can't it adjust it self so when I design my model to have a 9mm hole it will print a 9mm hole and not a 7 or 8 mm hole. Or maybe I should just become better at modeling.

oh lawd I accidentally formatted my linux harddrive instead of a usb stick on my desktop. It was truly not my day

also does not want to boot from a manjaro usb

My computer crashed mid update (manjaro) and now my whole hdd is in shambles, what do?

I love when my laptop estimates it has over 700 hours left on battery life. Unfortunately it only last about a hundredth of that(which is still pretty nice).

whats a good program to keep files and folders synced between 2-3 computers? ? ?

The lurk is woke about the superior siege engine. Nice.

Tried Factorio on Saturday. Thought it was quite interesting until I looked at the clock and saw that 10 hours had passed.

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Has anyone actually managed to flash firmware on a 3.2?

First experiments with making my own keycaps. Still needs some finishing on the top.

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