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Don't forget that the Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 - Call for Participation was pushed back to close in a couple of days on January 23!

Submit a talk and reserve a spot for an even more awesome meeting in Saarbrücken, Germany this year!

(ps: there will be quite a few folks from the community nerding out about photography!)

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #artwithopensource

How much of internet traffic is unwanted trackers and ads? And how much energy goes into transferring those trackers and ads around the internet every day?

I'm too lazy to seek out the answer myself so I wont provide any, but with all the discussion around the power consumption around the bitcoin blockchain and enviromental impacts of that I got started wondering if the modern internet is heading in a similar direction/is already there.

Is it allowed to ask which torrent sites are good these day for general movie/tv-show consumption? of course all hypothetical and asking for friend etc.

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One of the most evident signals of the crisis of the graphic designer is the obsession with their role. Goldsmiths and plumbers are not constantly wondering what's their role in society.

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      ( s・ ω・)
      __〃ヽ 〈_
 γ´⌒´--ヾ    vーヽ⌒ヽ
/⌒  ィ    `i´  ); `ヽ
/    ノ^ 、___¥__ 人  |
!  ,,,ノ爻\_ _人ノr;^ >  )
(   <_ \ヘ、,, __,+、__rノ / /
ヽ_  \ )ゝ、__,+、_ア 〃 /
  ヽ、___ ヽ.=┬─┬〈  ソ
  〈J .〉、| 本 |, |ヽ-´
    /""  | 醸 |: |
    レ  :|: 造 | リ
    /   ノ|__| |
    | ,,  ソ  ヽ  )
   .,ゝ   )  イ ヽ ノ
   y `レl  〈´  リ
   /   ノ    |   |
   l  /   l;;  |
   〉 〈     〉  |
  /  ::|   (_ヽ \、
 (。mnノ     `ヽnm

Just launched a new charity that aims to teach old people to use vim for more efficient retirement!

Where do I get funding for a dystopic start up?

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This concert is amazing. A fitting tribute to a fantastic musician.

tired: doing stuff
wired: spending your whole day debating what you should do, ending up not doing anything at all

finished for now. Still need to mess with the keymapping a bit amd get used to the split layout :thinkhappy:

Imagine a laptop with a keyboard? Would be crazy!

(my keyboard has been broken since September)

writing on an ergodox is quite tricky if you are not used to it.

A world where designers are forced to behave like an entrepreneur, constantly reinventing oneself to undercut the competition in the hopes of regaining the value of their work and surviving in the modern world — A true global creative battle royale

Tired: Doing laundry
Wired: Not wearing clothes

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