@KnowPresent I remember trying a few different methods, but I was looking for splitting it into CMYK layers (not sure if you are looking for that or something more specific). I think I had an imagemagick script that did this reasonably well but ended up just using the CMYK layer splitting thing in Krita.

managed to get arch running in VM :thinkhappy: next step is to try to get it on my ssd

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Does anyone know which or supporst HiDPI scaling well? I recently got a 4K monitor to run with my 1080p monitor and currently in XFCE I can only scale up both or none monitors (so either everything is tiny on my big monitor or huge on my small monitor)

@KnowPresent Amazing. Going to see if I can find any servo motors for cheap and try this out :thinkhappy:

@KnowPresent indeed, i reached that conclusion shortly after aswell

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@KnowPresent I haven't had time to try much more. However, I managed to contact the seller and he said that letters appeared on the screen before he shipped it so something might have come loose or broken in shipping, not sure what though.

@KnowPresent okay will try that! The power socket is quite cruddy but the inside looked pretty clean but I'll clean it either way. Any other things you could think of that could be causing issues?

@KnowPresent the display just shows like a line at the left most section (like indicating to type). I managed to get it blinking for a bit but I still couldn't type. But the blinking could indicate a live mode or something.
I guess hitting the keyboard pcb with some scotchbrite and washing the silicone wouldn't hurt though.

@KnowPresent Ah cool!
When I plug it in a start it up it pulls the Y-axis(the short one) untill it makes like a stepper motor humm. If I plug in the cartridge it does the same thing again. But I can't seem to type anything onto the screen, as in I push the buttons and nothing happens. The only key that does something is the stop button and it just makes the Y-axis home again with the same noise. Could my cartridges be empty? Or should the scriber already come with a default type or some type of a fallback? I took it apart and the keyboard is just a pcb with a silicone membrane so If the stop button works I feel like the whole keyboard pcb should be fine? idk lol should probably try to dig up a manual somewhere on the internet

Picture of the machine. Also does anyone have any clue what the cassetes can do?

Finally got my hands on the Neolt NED 500 electronic scriber. It makes some weird noises and looks cool but haven't gotten it to write anything. In fact the keyboard doesn't seem to respond to anything except when I press the stop button(then it makes a weird stepper motor humm on one axis). Does anyone have any experience in debugging old hardware? hehe :thinkhappy:

@air_pump looks super interesting and cool! Do you have any writing or something online explaining this project a bit?

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