on similar note, if anyone in needs (or know somebody that needs) a graphic designer/web designer/amateur programmer/bike mechanic/??? then I'm in the market for a job 👀

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it's funny that I'm working and living in the same place as before I did my study. Graphic design, it rly makes u think :breadthink:

are there any other desktop clients for on linux? or is the official electron one the only one that works?

@entreprecariat @praxeology Great talk! Will there be a recording of this available for us that missed the beginning of it?

@mrufrufin @praxeology I feel also (though I am no musician) that a lot of music workflow can be done with analog/physical devices that visual arts maybe doesn't have an equivalent to. You could of course always go back to using airbrushes, letterpress machines etc but those tools often create a vastly different outcome and workflows from the adobe software while you can make music using only hardware devices like synths and drummachines and probably get almost identical results to Protools/Ableton/whatever.

I guess the topic on new non-software or non-computer design tools has maybe not been explored much or is not that widespread but I think it is very interesting.

@Lyrilith @raphael @rra @cmos4040 also do a lot of work related to design and free software.

I've also exclusively used free software in my brief freelance practice as a graphic designer but I don't have any writing on it.

Suddenly remembered I was tipped some doge coin on reddit years ago so I decided to try to find something about it. Well good news is that I found the public key and now know that I "own" 737 Doge (worth about $400). Bad news is that I have no clue where the private key is, and probably no way of finding out.

Never knew I would be one of those persons that you hear about.

@entreprecariat @alcstrt Yeah there's a bunch of things that feel pretty clunky like the image thing so you often have to wrestle a bit with scribus to get the desired results. But there's not really many other options, at least for linux :unwanted_thinking:

@entreprecariat @alcstrt I've been using Scribus quite regularly for the past year or two and for the most part it works as advertised, especially for simpler layout. Though there is some bug (feature?) where the textboxes handle diacritics weirdly but if you are doing an English portfolio it shouldn't be an issue.

Otherwise if you are feeling experimental you could try out something like html2print, paged.js or Even (xxyxyz.org/even/)

@rra yeah using a phone on the toilet is nicer than dragging the desktop computer and two screens into the toilet, especially when there's no ethernet socket in the bathroom :unwanted_sad:

@rra yeah (un)fortunately I've been living with hand-me-down iPhones for the past years and I haven't really seen the need to buy something else so no postmarketOS for me :unwanted_sad:

But I think my issue is more that I don't see much need in these devices, or that they are not really solving a problem for me. Most of the things I can do on my phone I can do on my computer and have a nicer experience while doing them. But that might also be related to being stuck inside for a year during pandemic so I haven't really had any need to call/message people when I'm not home.

Angry sticker 

@rra @raphael damn this looks fantastic :unwanted_thinking: :unwanted_thinking: :unwanted_thumb:

I feel like the whole mobile experience needs to be restarted

@entreprecariat @rra yes hopefully soon it will be everywhere. It's way nicer than some convoluted JS library thingy or whatever the alternative is

@rra @entreprecariat keep in mind the support for this is spotty on mobile/ios/apple if that's a concern

@manetta @lidia_p wowser, clicked this link randomly yesterday and have spent a better part of the time since then playing this

@frankiezafe Is it only in person or also online? I am currently in Iceland so will be a bit difficult to get to Brussels hehe

that's enough creation for today, back to consumption

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