@rra @cmos4040 what kind of application were you trying to make?

@rra @cmos4040 I tried elementary last year when I was trying a new distro almost every day and wasn´t too fond of it. Found Manjaro to be easy to install and have pretty nice features but now I'm getting bored of it. Maybe I'll give Elementary another try hehe

@cmos4040 definitely. Probably made every possible excuse to not go full on in it lol

@cmos4040 been meaning to try out endeavorOS to see if it can be a suitable replacement for manjaro but been to lazy to make proper backups etc. Maybe OStober will bring me the power

been an open source dude for over a year now. Even did my graduation project using only open source tools :thinkhappy: . The only thing that is difficult is collaborating with people that use the standard proprietary software and don't feel to comfortable trying out new software.

@entreprecariat maybe when it stops being only on the epic games store. Epic had quite a bad track record with linux support : - (

Bought a Neolt NED500 scriber off ebay for some reason. Curious to see what I can do with it.

"When dealing with software, you can call yourself an Open-Sourcerer and nobody can stop you"

Okay just plugged the ssd that was not showing up into a different sata port and now it shows up. I guess the NVME slot uses the same sata lane or something like that :thinkhappy:

@entreprecariat wow I just used the exact command yesterday. frickin' .DS_Store indeed

@fribbledom Do you know how it compares to the Prusa i3 MK3S?

@rra yes that's probably smart but I partially took it apart(removed the cpu cooler and gpu) to take it to Iceland so hopefully I can just fix it while I'm assembling it again. Kindof just threw it out there if there was something super obvious and simple.

Just installed a nvme disk into my computer but now the BIOS doesn't see one of my old ssd's. Anyone have a clue what could be at play here?

@entreprecariat not yet, but I'll try to get around putting the photos and videos online sometime during the next days/weeks

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