Yes, your boi is graduating. Come see my projects and have a chat!

Got swindled by the CNC machine today. Tomorrow I will show it who is in charge.

@frankiezafe You can also do the screen recording with ffmpeg instead of OBS

I think it is fascinating how Nespresso managed to rebrand instant coffee (which at least I viewed as the "lowest" form of coffee) as a luxury product

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@sophia I mean pee is stored in the balls so obviously the kidneys are there too

watching a twitch streamer go to a job so I can feel like I am working

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OK, let's try to make this happen (again).

Enter THE POLL'S DILEMMA 2: Pareto Edition!

You can:

- vote
- boost
- reply with strategy and overview of the situation
- wait 7 days to see the results

I don't know who needs this but I found and to be incredibly helpful for lasercutting. Arranges all your shapes to the most economic size so you can save time and money.

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let's make this happen

Some days I feel like I am stuck in an endless loop of the Wii Shop Channel Music

which one will have the least votes?

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