Any experts here that can tell me why capital letters with diacritics (especially the ´ ) adds a linebreak for no reason? is there any way to avoid this that does not involve reducing the text size by a lot or increasing the baseline grid spacing by a lot?

My sisters band just released their first album on spotify last week. Artwork made by me using and

You can listen to it here

Plotted a portion of a map of Reykjavík today. Still need to get a better pen and find a smoother workflow for generating the svg for the map

Decided to give P5.js a try and porting some of the code I had made for PIL over to P5.js. Seems to work pretty nice but I still need to find a nicer way to fill in the squares. Also I can export stuff from P5.js to svg which makes plotting the designs way simpler.

Managed to use LaserWeb to generate gcode. Printed a little mount for my extruder to hold my pen and made a test plot.

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