it's funny that I'm working and living in the same place as before I did my study. Graphic design, it rly makes u think :breadthink:


on similar note, if anyone in needs (or know somebody that needs) a graphic designer/web designer/amateur programmer/bike mechanic/??? then I'm in the market for a job 👀

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@kurbitur Honestly and perhaps sadly, depends on how you look at it: will give you the most opportunities. Bike shops are groaning under the amount of work and cannot follow. Bike lines are being built at a for unknown speed. Demographics of cyclists has shifted massively (yeaaayyyy) also in part by bicycle delivery services and swap bikes. More than 10 years ago, people spoke to me in Dutch when I cycled when French is the default language, to indicate I was a Dutch speaking Belgian cycling cliché.
Graphic designers, I leave this opinion to @crickxson

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