I feel like the whole mobile experience needs to be restarted

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@rra yeah (un)fortunately I've been living with hand-me-down iPhones for the past years and I haven't really seen the need to buy something else so no postmarketOS for me :unwanted_sad:

But I think my issue is more that I don't see much need in these devices, or that they are not really solving a problem for me. Most of the things I can do on my phone I can do on my computer and have a nicer experience while doing them. But that might also be related to being stuck inside for a year during pandemic so I haven't really had any need to call/message people when I'm not home.

@kurbitur haha I feel you. Posting on lurk from the toilet is a great smartphone use case though..

@rra yeah using a phone on the toilet is nicer than dragging the desktop computer and two screens into the toilet, especially when there's no ethernet socket in the bathroom :unwanted_sad:

@kurbitur yeah the ethernet socket is really what gets you in these situations

@kurbitur I bought one of those GSM modules from Adafruit, a little e-paper display and a BB-10 keyboard but I have too many actually important things to do so I have not started to hack yet.

In the meantime, Nokia.

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