Been experimenting with using nvim as I don't feel like installing vscode. It's pretty nice but I think the biggest downside is that I often launch it to work on some project but then end up spending 3 hours trying to figure out how to configure some plugin or learn some handy tricks and then eventually forget about the project I originally set out to do.

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@kurbitur I did the same thing for a few weeks but then settled down.

@kurbitur My setup is pretty boring. I tried some fancy stuff with file manager, airline plugins etc. But in the end I have mostly things that help with python (and also useful for TeX and HTML/CSS/JS):

my plugins:

I'm using the miramare color scheme but I have made a bunch of tweaks to get a little more contrast.

I should maybe set up a linter but I had some mess with this and put it aside.

I have been using vi/vim for over 25 years (jeez I'm old!) so I have a harder time breaking old work-flows, even if they are not the most efficient.

@kurbitur also, I started using Fantasque Sans Mono as my font and it gives me very good vibes.

And I got into using Terminology a few years ago. The splits + cut'n'paste functions alleviate the need to do fancy stuff with buffer splits etc.

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