I've been using instantOS ( for the past 2 or 3 weeks and so far it's been a really enjoyable experience. Definitely recommend it if someone is looking to try a new distro.

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@kurbitur do you know if it's possible to "upgrade" from an existing arch install?

@jboy I think you could install the WM and all the extras on top of existing Arch if you want to. You can see all the repositories here
But AFAIK development atm is more focused on making instantOS work nicely rather than having the WM and other features work on other distros so it might not be super simple to install it on existing Arch.
Also the main developer (paperbenni) is really responsive to messages so if you have any issues you could always try messaging him.

@kurbitur much appreciated! This looks like a nicely thought out distro.

@praxeology in some ways it's pretty similar in the way it's easy to install from a liveUSB and comes with all the features to work nicely out of the box like bluetooth, wifi, drawing tablet support etc. But there's less pre-installed software/bloat and I feel like the theming is a lot less intrusive if that makes sense. Customizability is a bit limited at the moment but it's still a new OS/WM so it's understandable.
I think if you are looking for an OS with a tiling wm that just works (works at least for me) then I think it's a great choice but for people that are more used to traditional setups or coming from mac/win I would probably rather recommend manjaro KDE or something like that.

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