Any experts here that can tell me why capital letters with diacritics (especially the ´ ) adds a linebreak for no reason? is there any way to avoid this that does not involve reducing the text size by a lot or increasing the baseline grid spacing by a lot?

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@wendy @kurbitur @yarela Following my tests in the last version of (1.5.5, in French), it is related to the that you seems to use. When the size of the font (10pt in my test) is small "enough", no problem, when big enough (13pt) it skips one line on two, but when in the intermediate (interesting 11 or 12pt) zone where diacritics tickle the grid, a bug (feature?) push the line to next baseline grid... This is not occuring when using fixed leading.
It is one of the many reasons i don't like baseline grid even if i agree that sometimes it could be useful for quick, dirt, and legitimate operations :)
But in my experience, most of the time, by choosing painstakingly and wisely space before and space after of each title and paragraph level to produce a multiple of the grid, text in colums are aligned without forcing it with the baseline grid.

@crickxson @wendy @yarela Yes! I guess this is a bug/feature of the baseline grid in Scribus then. Bit annoying that it doesn't allow you to overlap glyphs/have tighter baseline grid spacing if one would want to do that.
But on your dislike of baseline grid, did we not use baseline grids when making Medor in html2print or am I misremembering?

@kurbitur @wendy @yarela Yes, i was refering to old canvas based layout software. In html2print, it could be useful maybe, no idea for Médor, @yarela could detail that :)

@kurbitur Could it somehow be related to the metrics of the font? What happens if you change the font?

If you go for the dirty way, maybe creating a null height character style and search/substitute the faulty characters? (I do that all the time in HTML/CSS with sup characters which always offset the baseline).

@yarela I guess it could be something in relation to the font. If I change to a different font this problem disappears but appears again if I change the sizing of that font. I have a feeling it is something related to this in the sense that scribus uses the height of the character + the diacritic to see if it fits on the line while other programs ignore the diacritic. But I guess the simplest solution would be to try other fonts and hope to find something that works nicely.

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