Anyone got tips on how to split an image into CMYK for in ? I used to be able to access each color layer in photoshop but has no CMYK support so I'm a bit lost

Ended up using krita as it was closest to what I knew. I also tried Imagemagick but didn't manage to tune it too well. But the whole work flow was a bit wonky, jumping from inkscape, gimp and krita so I will post an update if I figure out something smoother


"If you want to work on a separated image you need to be intimately familiar with the way CMYK images work. If you look at Gimp's Layers window after separating an image, you will witness the ingenious way in which the separation is done. However, editing the image is not as simple as with proprietary software like Adobe's Photoshop. "

@kurbitur Use instead of The Gimp; Krita has built-in CYMK support.

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