My computer crashed mid update (manjaro) and now my whole hdd is in shambles, what do?


also does not want to boot from a manjaro usb

@kurbitur what happens if you login via the terminal? Ctrl + del + F1 or F2?

@wendy Can't manage to get to the terminal or a login screen. I get this wonderful thing flashing when I try to launch manjaro. The error seems to be that it can't start Network manager.
Also I can't either boot into the windows partition on my disk so I'm wondering if some partition table or something is all scrambled?
I also managed to boot into the USB so I might just do a fresh install if nothing else works.

@wendy on the windows partition I get a bluescreen that says:
"A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed

Error code: 0xc000000f"

However, I haven't used that partition in months so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@kurbitur yep 😊
Reinstall is easier, trying to fix is educational..

@wendy @kurbitur looks like systemd is trying to launch network manager somewhere early in the boot sequence and failing. Your hdd is probably still ok though. Try to boot from a live usb instead?

@kurbitur hmm, I'm a Debian based distribution person. But this seems like a good

It will depend on where your windows partition is also, for what to mount, sda 1 or 2 or..

@wendy Great! I managed to get into a TTY but it seems that the package manager is all messed up. And all the errors I have fixed just cause new errors so I guess I'll just do a fresh install. Luckily I had the great idea to do a back up last night for some reason!

@kurbitur WoW, that's premonition! Happy installing!

@kurbitur can you get to the grub menu? on Debian the menu is displayed briefly before booting, other distros may hide it but pressing the correct key at the right time during boot may make it visible.

Then you can select a recovery kernel option (if available, Debian adds one by default), or edit the grub command line to turn it into a recovery one - grub menu has documentation displayed for that - I think you need to append 'single nomodeset' (without quotes) to boot into single user recovery mode...

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