Spent like a week designing and printing a mod for my 3D printer for it to end up not really working. Nice.

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The best fontforge video tutorial I've found so far is made by a kid using linux. Fascinating.


I have a vague memory of someone posting something here about procedurally generated fictional map generator but can't find anything. Does it ring any bells with anyone?

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Since the corporate VPN server has collapsed under load, Travis from Marketing Strategy Development suggests using Chat Roulette for video conferencing.

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What is the ideal one for ?

For example if I create a python script that generates imagery in one form or another and I want to both be able to share that code for others to improve, modify or whatnot and also to be able to sell prints of the outputs, what license would one choose for the script?

vscodium is pretty nice. Can see the code, output image and terminal all in one bundle. Probably nothing new but comes in handy.

Figured out the problem. So to draw a rectangle in Pillow you call the function rectangle with min and max coordinates ((x0,y0),(x1,y1)) plus the color and stroke.

I assumed that to draw a 400 pixel wide rectangle from the top left corner (0,0 on the canvas) I would write canvas.rectangle((0,0),(400,400), fill=x, outline=x) but that ends up drawing a 401 x 401px rectangle.

To draw a 1 pixel rectangle I also assumed I would need the coordinates ((0,0),(1,1)) but that gives me a 2x2px rectangle.

Am I just really misunderstanding coordinates or is Pillow acting weirdly? Any people out there with a smarter head than me that could help?

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