that's enough creation for today, back to consumption

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it's all about creating or consuming content these days.

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Hi Lurk, are you following the Cryptoart/NFT debate?

I would like to find and read any kind of critique of the cryptoart system. I've been following the discussion on environmental impact, but I'm also interested in other angles -- e.g. if the power consumption problem is solved, would cryptoart be ok?

Some threads that I haven't seen developed, probably because I'm not reading the right people:

- NFTs as strange simulacra of the questionable capitalist art market
- yet another instance of "disruption" of traditional systems that will "empower" the people by "cutting out the middlemen", we've seen this
- billionaires hyping up this new system along with their bullish stance on cryptocurrency (Musk & Tesla)
- artists becoming hype-ridden sales megaphones (see the twitter feed of most artists in NFT)
- reduction of digital art to easily digestible, visually attractive formats

I'd love to know what you have to say and point out any ongoing critiques about this interesting issue? (yeah you, if you're reading this you're included)

Been experimenting with using nvim as I don't feel like installing vscode. It's pretty nice but I think the biggest downside is that I often launch it to work on some project but then end up spending 3 hours trying to figure out how to configure some plugin or learn some handy tricks and then eventually forget about the project I originally set out to do.

maybe my new years resolution should be to not restart my laptop

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Maybe I'll attempt to do something more productive this year :thinkhappy:

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I think 2020 was the first year I set a new years resolution and managed to stay true to it the whole year.
My new years resolution was to only listen to Sade on spotify for the whole year, mainly so I could have funny stats at the end of the year. I started the year off strong and only listened to Sade until I got bored of it and then I just stopped using spotify and didn't really check in on it until a week ago or so to see how my chart for the year would look. But for some great reason spotify didn't make a 2020 wrapped chart for me so in the end it was kinda all for nothing. At least I tried out a lot of different music players on linux to play my offline library so that is something??

fun fact: A lot of (modern) Icelandic Christmas songs are just Italian pop songs with Icelandic lyrics.

I've been using instantOS ( for the past 2 or 3 weeks and so far it's been a really enjoyable experience. Definitely recommend it if someone is looking to try a new distro.

I had completely forgotten how satisfying it is to watch my 3D printer operate.

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