so far I've only printed geese. Not sure what I intended to do with the printer but I'll find something to print

Got my first 3D printer yesterday! Going to get some filament now and try it out :thinkhappy:

managed to get arch running in VM :thinkhappy: next step is to try to get it on my ssd

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Does anyone know which or supporst HiDPI scaling well? I recently got a 4K monitor to run with my 1080p monitor and currently in XFCE I can only scale up both or none monitors (so either everything is tiny on my big monitor or huge on my small monitor)

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Picture of the machine. Also does anyone have any clue what the cassetes can do?

Finally got my hands on the Neolt NED 500 electronic scriber. It makes some weird noises and looks cool but haven't gotten it to write anything. In fact the keyboard doesn't seem to respond to anything except when I press the stop button(then it makes a weird stepper motor humm on one axis). Does anyone have any experience in debugging old hardware? hehe :thinkhappy:

been an open source dude for over a year now. Even did my graduation project using only open source tools :thinkhappy: . The only thing that is difficult is collaborating with people that use the standard proprietary software and don't feel to comfortable trying out new software.

Bought a Neolt NED500 scriber off ebay for some reason. Curious to see what I can do with it.

"When dealing with software, you can call yourself an Open-Sourcerer and nobody can stop you"

Okay just plugged the ssd that was not showing up into a different sata port and now it shows up. I guess the NVME slot uses the same sata lane or something like that :thinkhappy:

Just installed a nvme disk into my computer but now the BIOS doesn't see one of my old ssd's. Anyone have a clue what could be at play here?

Who knew graduating would be so much work??

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