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NEW ARTICLE on protest in time of COVID-19 out now on the Journal of International Affairs. I develop a typology of different protest streams during the pandemic : 1) socially distanced protests; 2) anti-lockdown protests; 3) pandemic riots.

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is a global community of practice for creative experimenters across disciplines who care about social & ecological transformation ..

W/ @codekat@twitter.com, @anabjain@twitter.com, @annegalloway@twitter.com, @CarmenAlpha@twitter.com @F_Kaltheuner@twitter.com @j_kloiber@twitter.com, @hautepop@twitter.com, @jwyg@twitter.com, @alxndrt@twitter.com ..

👉🏻 atnc.persona.co/

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The terrifying loss of biodiversity poses just as existential a threat to humanity as the climate crisis does.

Yet international media coverage of climate change is up to eight times higher compared to biodiversity. frontiersin.org/articles/10.33

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Just published & : “a tumblr book: platform and cultures” press.umich.edu/11537055/tumbl

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This wonderfully diverse collection of 34 chapters was published last week. fulcrum.org/concern/monographs it's OPEN ACCESS! Edited by @shegiles2010@twitter.com @alexcho47@twitter.com Louisa Stein & Indira Hoch. I contributed a chapter on NSFW selfies, but I think I am starting w/ ch 4 & 34

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I'm happy to share the launch of Art Tech Nature Culture today, a global community of practice for creative experimenters across disciplines who care about social & ecological transformation. Join us here atnc.persona.co + pls share widely! 🌲⚡️

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"iCan choose something other than other"
So data poetry is a thing.
Here is some from @DatapolicyProf@twitter.com featured as part of @ODIHQ@twitter.com's writers' fund for theodi.org/article/winners-odi

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A huge win for companies whose whole business model is premised on decimating workers’ rights.

A massive loss for Uber drivers, Instacart shoppers, food couriers, and other gig workers.

Now we have to stop from being replicated in other jurisdictions.

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Wondering what TikTok's AI engagement machine called the "For You" page doesn't show you?

Try Not For You, an "automated confusion system" for that misleads its feed algorithm about who you are and what you want to see.


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How do we make multinationals pay? New short animation from @TaxJusticeNet@twitter.com making the case for public country by country reporting and unitary taxation: youtube.com/watch?v=1Dd2UbcWsy

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Just received a copy of Reassembling Scholarly Communications edited by @martin_eve@twitter.com @jwyg@twitter.com. Great present!
Also shameless plugging of our volume by members of @OCSDNet@twitter.com.

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From @AprilHathcock@twitter.com's rich and thought-provoking "Preserving the Past for the Future: Whose Past? Everyone's Future" in the new "Reassembling Scholarly Communications" (eds. @jwyg@twitter.com & @martin_eve@twitter.com). ✨💥⚡

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V pleased to have this chapter on 'Learned societies, humanities publishing, & scholarly communication in the UK' in 'Reassembling Scholarly Communication', ed. @martin_eve@twitter.com & @jwyg@twitter.com. My chapter is at direct.mit.edu/books/book/4933 & the whole book (yay!) is OA at direct.mit.edu/books/book/4933

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On the second day of open access week, my true love gave to me... The open access edition of _Reassembling Scholarly Communications_ at The MIT Press. Published today! direct.mit.edu/books/book/4933

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As we draw near to the publication of REASSEMBLING SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATIONS, I wanted to give an update on its OA status.

It is available to purchase: mitpress.mit.edu/books/reassem

It will be available gold OA here within five days of publication (20th Oct): direct.mit.edu/books

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Out soon at Amsterdam University Press: The Politics of Social Media Manipulation. We just got the book cover, front and back.

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This is a highly rigorous, carefully evidenced, and extremely convincing analysis of technology and the future of work. I’d also say (at the risk of overstepping) that it’s one of my favourite post-work texts of recent years.

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Happy to announce that the Data Stories Symposium will take place virtually on the 26th + 27th of November 2020. Join us for two half days on how to experience data through stories 🥳 w/ @esimperl@twitter.com @laurakoesten@twitter.com @binocularity@twitter.com @jwyg@twitter.com Find details/RSVP here: datastories.co.uk/symposium/

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for : Collection, Circulation, and Machine Co-creation

Gabriele Colombo | @marioponte@twitter.com @densitydesign@twitter.com
Sabine Niederer | @sabinesabine@twitter.com @AUAS@twitter.com

Submission deadline: November 2nd, 2020


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The MIT Press is proud to collaborate with @zkmkarlsruhe@twitter.com on "Critical Zones". Edited by @BrunoLatourAIME@twitter.com and Peter Weibel, this volume portrays the disorientation of a world facing climate change. On sale this October!

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Since Zuckerberg won't turn off Facebook for a couple months to save democracy, the next best thing those in the US can do is install Safebook. Updated for the final stretch of the presidential campaign, Safebook is Facebook without any of the content.


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