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New interactive fiction and experimental publishing project released on ! Hone your bluffing skills and gather poker chips in the hope of winning a luxury prize that might help pay your rent this month, in a secret, one-person mission to infiltrate the 1%. I hope you enjoy reading/playing :)


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selves-organised event spamming (on datasets and interfaces) 

With @r & @jules

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Depuis la réapparition du croisement de fichiers, abandonné après la 2e guerre mondiale, toi-même tu sais pourquoi, c'est open bar pour nous foutre la pression et nous controler...

RT @infofrance2@twitter.com

📲 Cette nouvelle application permet aux gendarmes de recueillir des informations sur votre orientation sexuelle, vos opinions politiques ou encore votre origine raciale.

👁‍🗨 L'appli fait polémique.


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Interference Archive

"The mission of Interference Archive is to explore the relationship between cultural production and social movements. This work manifests in an open stacks archival collection, publications, a study center, and public programs including exhibitions, workshops, talks, and screenings, all of which encourage critical and creative engagement with the rich history of social movements."


Ok for some time I haven't been able to see anything over here and it doesn't seem to get better. I tried using Chromium and didn't get better luck... 😟

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idk what posessed me to model the twemoji bread emoji 🍞

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▝ digital interdependencies ▘affective infrastructures▝ networked entanglements ▖feminist servers ▖federated networks ▚ digital autonomy ▖transitional infrastructures ▞ ▖so-and-sovereignty networks▝ out-of-the-cloud thinking ▚

7th, 8th & 9th of June 2019
Varia, Rotterdam

More info on how to join: relearn.be/2019/

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Soon to be further developed: VLTK, the Vernacular Language Toolkit.

The not-so swiss-army knife under the language processing tools. Including tools to drift, cross and enhance conviviality.

@ccl @jules

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It's a new year! Dennis (de Bel) is back, the window is broken and l'intolerant #18 is out. Enough reasons to come together and have a drink.

This Friday, the 11th of January, from 19:30, Varia opens its doors for some special new year's drinks and some fitting music.

Woodstone Kugelblitz will also be presenting the latest issue of L'Intolerant #18: A Really Useful Cookbook.

Almost everyone is welcome and the entrance is free. However, a voluntary donation of 5 euros will help us replace our window and is greatly appreciated!

See you there!


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