@rlafuente thx a lot for the last eight chiplotle commits! 😀

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@joak ha! You're most welcome! I was just asking Ana what the hell you were talking about, then remembered we did some fixes so that Chiplotle could work for us.

Very curious about what you're cooking?

@joak @rlafuente nice!! You made a hack to let your pen pass!! ⛏️

@joak @rlafuente Oh nice! Do you have a link for the pen adapter you are using? I have been wanting to use non-standard pens in my HP plotters for a long time.

It's a repurposed old plotter pen. You just need a drill to open it :D

@joak @rlafuente Oh wow. I was assuming you made some fancy 3-D prints that fit particular brands of pens. You just drill out the dried out ones and bodge it with tape! I will have to be brave and try that myself.

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