A call for papers from the folks at Soapbox Journal:

For the next issue of Soapbox we invite young researchers and established scholars alike to submit academic essays or creative work that critically engages with the theme of interface. We are inviting extended proposals (500-1000 words) that follow the MLA formatting and referencing style to be submitted to submissions@soapboxjournal.net by December 5th, 2021.*

An interface is a space of contact and interconnection. Thinking within but also beyond a media studies framework, we can understand our lives to be constantly mediated by interfaces of one form or another. They can be understood to serve as an intermediary between individuals and cultural objects, or alternatively, between experience and infrastructure. Interfaces mediate between a body and its environment, the private and public, subject and object. In each instance, the interface enables interaction and activity.


@exquisitecorp Well written. "Is this worthy of other people's attention?" is a great question. I'm reminded of mindful speech, being considerate of others and our purpose when talking.

I appreciate users adding content warnings to summarise their posts across Mastodon, it helps reduce the noise a little.

Unreal Engine vTubers (xanadu) 

Well, it looks like another small production company recently made a 6 week film in UE5; youtube.com/watch?v=0kXWNfW9ia
Pretty cool! One or two quirks, made with mocap and a helmet that is never removed makes the storytelling easier.

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@yhancik Ah, I remember this story! Thank you for bringing it up again

@yhancik Likely inspired by Ernest Cline's Ready Player Two, possibly inspired by players racing against dead friends in the Forza series (this started way back in 2015) destructoid.com/gamer-races-ag

Unreal Engine vTubers (xanadu) 

xanadu refers to their UE setup as a "meta-bubble". In a sense, all 3D networked spaces are meta-bubbles, e.g. Molly's homepage, molly.energy, or an old project of mine, fingerprint.garden.

If the metaverse is created through the combination and forming of metabubbles, the question remains as to which protocol users decide to connect to - will it be Meta's protocol? Will it be a community alternative?

There will be competition, and if Meta restricts users freedoms in how their meta-bubble can join their network (e.g. "no, you can't just copy and reuse those NFT shoe model files! you don't own those!") then users may choose other protocols to be a part of.

Why join new systems of power and ownership in a metaverse when we've got VRChat and decentralised technologies? Why buy belongings or real estate in Meta's metaverse when you can build or join the universe next door?
I guess we'll always be paying for server upkeep and content, I just hope we're still able to make and share our own content for free. The freedom of the internet (subsidised by free web hosts) will hopefully lead to the freedom of the metaverse.

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Unreal Engine vTubers (xanadu) 

Just found xanadu, an indie unreal engine YouTube production. Created by one person, the latest episode took 6.5 weeks to produce - youtube.com/watch?v=zLcdmwXUdV.

It looks like more creators are making the jump into Unreal Engine + mocap for real time effects, so CodeMiko is no longer alone.

It reminds me of the realtime UE4 scenes in Rogue One back in 2016, or how more recently Lucasfilm used a realtime 360 background screen shooting the Mandelorian. Real time storytelling in virtual worlds is the precursor to real time interaction, and tbh we've already got the tech for cinema quality metaverse VR, if you've got the money to spend.

Thinking of the countless machinimas made in video game worlds, I wonder what casual creators will do with a hollywood standard playground?

@thufie If you find a nice instance / community to be a part of that helps a fair bit I think. Fedi is redi for wider adoption as more instances are made and advertised for people's interests, hobbies, etc. Then it's kinda like a forum that you return to because you know there will be cool stuff there

@monorail I've noticed for some sites deleting a custom attribute from an element does CSS / JavaScript magic and everything works?? The marvels of the modern internet

Web Comics in HTML, JS, React? 

Whoops, I missed that HelloFromHaloHead has already been published on two other platforms 🤦‍♂️

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Web Comics in HTML, JS, React? 

I've seen a few interactive webcomics across the internet, they seem like a lot of effort to put together.

Could there be an easier way of making interactive comic websites? At its most basic level it would be dragging and dropping images like mmm.page, (See how React Komic already does this github.com/sonnylazuardi/react) but then expanded with comic frame interaction code snippets.

Writing comics with React components feels like crazy overkill, it might be palatable if the tool came with a user friendly UI, something like mechanic.design/ 's features, and if all the components you want are already made. A responsive comic design takes more effort, so that's another hurdle to clear before comic creators would consider using webpage HTML as a medium.

I've recently read a webcomic series that has been solely published to Twitter - a excellent way of promoting your work & producing consistent content for an algorithm. If promoting on Twitter comes with these benefits, it's probably better if you can't read the comic straight from a webpage. Check out Batty's HELLOFROMHALOHEAD.com

(Oh, and flash / canvas / unity2D are good ways of making interactive web comics, these methods don't get the variety offered by HTML though...)

YouTube removes the dislike count 

YouTube is now removing the dislike count so users can't gang up on videos and completely maul video uploaders with the power of community numbers.

YouTube viewers are upset, as the like / dislike ratio also serves useful purpose aside from community justice. The line between community justice and mobbing / harassment seems to depend on your opinion of the situation.

From now on, discontent will be spread in the comments. Expect to see a lot of "dislike" comments in the near future, until these are also filtered out via YouTube's obscure comment section sorting algorithm.

I'd hope that a few resourceful commentators will comment "dislike" in response to comments they dislike as well, further spreading the meme; however this is unlikely.

In the meantime, I'd guess that at least three different coders have started making a YouTube dislike count browser extension. This extension probably won't see much traction until one of the larger professional YouTube analytics extensions integrates the idea as a marketing strategy / requested community feature.

@raphael "If you press Ctrl Shift I on an undocked instance of DevTools, it will open DevTools within itself" (see the end of Chris's talk at 14:20, youtube.com/watch?v=xNzOUOtnxD) - you'll likely want to change these values.

@raphael Can't you just open devtools in devtools? Chris Johnson demoed this in a talk a while back - defaced.dev/talks/brightonseo-

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