Hello world! I'm a creative web developer with an interest in all things inter-networked.

I've made a collection of creative web experiences with Three.js and p5.js, you can check these out on my portfolio website:

I wrote a dissertation on creative uses of DevTools in net art and across the web, based on the view of net art being a participatory performance - more than happy to ping over a copy if you're interested.

Something interesting I saw yesterday was a VR streamer discussing the philiosophy of being a "real person" in VR as opposed to reality. They didn't think there was a difference, they felt that being able to have complete control over your personal expression in VR actually helped portray an authentic self - a closer "melding of consciousness". The streamer then casually walked into a bar where two other streamers were having a conversation about Lain and VR drugs. This scene feels like it's at the forefront of the internet and where it's going.

I'll be posting any observations and insights I find throughout my online travels to this account. Best wishes.

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