Just saw this sticker: "ecology without class struggle is just gardening".

"the language of skepticism has been co-opted in order to lend credence to pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. ... it leaves long-time defenders of skepticism struggling to rescue the concept and make sense of what’s going on." alfiekohn.org/blogs/skepticism

what is it with artsy sites where "view source" reveals nothing further than an obfuscated javascript module being called?

Is the LIVING LABOR that fuels the fediverse the strongest refutation of the DEAD INTERNET theory?

farting so loud that Zoom tells me I'm muted

Dad: can I borrow a keyboard?

Me: sure! I've got a few. Let me-

Dad: ...with labelled keys?

Me: ah.

Loraxing - v. scolding other people for failing to account for the needs of a group that you are not part of. "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."

American banks: first they punish you for not having enough money in your account, then they punish you for putting money in your account.


Cooking the overnight oats with coldbrew coffee - terrible idea or great idea?

After sprinkling some cython into my codebase, I was sure tests would start to fail in my CI pipeline running on Windows and Mac. But no, everything still runs fine – and at least an order of magnitude faster!

@feonixrift well put, and doesn't really run opposite to how I'm thinking about these things at all. I think new pursuits were part building human capital, part play, part coping mechanism.

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