Decided to stop contributing to research conferences that aren't streamed online with free, open access. Otherwise you're just paying a hefty registration fee to restrict the number of people who can see your presentation. If the proceedings are open access then why not the conference itself?

@madskjeldgaard I’ve never really understood it. Can you explain it to me like I’m a Mac user?
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@madskjeldgaard macports is objectively better but often out of date. Eventually I always need something from brew that’s not on macports which require duplicate dependencies and confuses my whole path. It’s a nightmare! I’ve started using specific tools like to manage dependencies

@yaxu oh god this explains my most recent interview…

Big thanks to @james for contributing the Mel Bands feature to Meyda :)

@hughrawlinson this is an interesting problem actually, watching from afar for

kitty + fish + fzf is eye opening ... i always love cli, and use the terminal for much of my computer use... but this combo makes me feel like i had been stuck in the mid 90's.

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@scott I would be shocked by this development in taco technology did I not already reside in a Scandinavian country where a frozen pizza "with taco taste" wasn't tearing through the place like a wildfire

@rek @HXLNT having a mentor for me was the only thing that enabled me@to reach new levels of understanding and confidence to learn independently. Mentors are so valuable

On average, I estimate that since 2006 I have implemented a windowed averager about 1.5 times per year

@yaxu this will be way fairer for its workers. It’s mostly the cheaper services around that are purely internet based where it gets super grey and not nice. If you can afford this kind of professional service you’ll do waaaaaay less manual editing of the mistakes a machine listening and machine learning thing will make 🥳

Ugh… I hate searching for things. I wish I had fd and ripgrep in real life

@yaxu humans are generally the best but usually it’s exploitative. I know a phd student who used

@yaxu I actually really enjoy online events that respect screen time and overall exhaustion that transpires from using a computer for extended periods of time. This is usually supported by good use of tech where possible (chat etc). What really makes them unbearable to me are bad microphones.

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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