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Have a goooood morning 🙃

🦜 MailTape 491 with Noon Garden

Today, we present a delightful selection of eclectic discoveries to welcome you into your Sunday morning. For this awakening, our dear guest Noon Garden curates a pass of vibrant tracks to add bouts of energy into these early hours.

Based in London, Noon Garden is a pioneer of the exotic psych-pop movement, drawing influence from African funk, disco, and psychedelic movements of past and present...


@megueyb ooh, so many bits. The movies are so cheesy and have so many tropes of their own. And they're so formulaic that it's easy to split a play session up into phases. Trying to figure out how to encourage players to explore all those tropes during play through mechanics (collecting red "blood dice" during the prep phase to use to overcome challenges during the race phase—the cars are the vampires, you see, and blood is their boost fuel) has been a lot of fun.

@megueyb I'm working on an indie that's Fast and Furious (series of street racing turned action blockbuster movies) but with vampires. Working title: Fast Cars, Family, and Fangs.

Introducing another of my popular bots ported to the fediverse: @1994clipart. Regularly posts random clipart from a 1994 CD-ROM of 10,000 clipart images.

I've come to terms with the terrible haircut I gave myself. Growth. Progress.

Museum of Endangered Sounds—today's treasure from The Ergo. I miss the sounds of AIM.

Feeling nostalgic browsing my little sister's Pokémon cards. And like an old person—some of these new ones are wild. I wonder how hard it would be to create new, random cards generatively.

I'm obsessed with Mastodon, y'all. Especially the Hometown fork. Local feeds are so pleasant to browse. Feels like the old internet.

@samplereality this must be the way to do it. I've tried and failed to read that novel three times now.

Spent the last two weeks finally learning and . Built myself a little website from scratch (with the help of 11ty to put it all together). Couldn't be happier with my small contribution to a more decentralized internet. Check it out and tell me what I did right/wrong.

Any regulation that limits the number of satellites in orbit will help with every single one of these problems.

A big step toward this badly-needed regulation would be the legal recognition that low Earth orbit is an environment, that should be subject to the same environmental regulations and protections as our atmosphere and oceans.

We need regulation and better engineering of satellites RIGHT NOW.

@shivam_janus_bahuguna that all sounds cool! Let me know if you need a beta reader at any point in the process.

@shivam_janus_bahuguna you too!

What kind of manuscript? And any idea what form your online fiction will take?

I'm currently neck-deep in the second draft of my second novel (and hopefully first to get published).

Writer of stories reaching beyond the rumored coming dystopia to find a sustainable future. Game designer of interactive narratives and tabletop roleplaying games that show what we are when we’re alone and what we can be when we’re together. Musician exploring intersections of synth, acoustic, and field recordings; writing folk music for when the sky becomes the color of television tuned to a dead channel. Contributor to a more decentralized internet and a less disposable world.

A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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