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ligatures & linux 

Oh! `xfd -fa "Calendas Plus"` was the magic incantation. Neat!

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ligatures & linux 

`fc-list` shows me all my fonts and their names.

`xfd -fn "Calendas Plus"` sadly tells me:

Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion
Warning: Cannot convert string "Calendas Plus" to type FontStruct
xfd: no font to display

But maybe I'm getting warmer...

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ligatures & linux 

Do any of you fine folks have tips for viewing and entering ligatures in some font on linux?

This font comes with a bunch of custom ones, and I'm not sure how to find out how to type them!

(The foundry site doesn't have info so my guess is this is obvious to people who do this sort of thing often!)

<3 for any insights :)


Can anyone suggest nice usenet groups that aren't overrun with spam and insanity? (I'm connecting via fwiw...)

Oh snap! Brian Jackson has a new album out on Jazz is Dead. First one in 20 years. (His Winter in America album with Gil Scott Heron is one of my all time favorites.) I'm trying not to hype myself up too much before listening but this is exciting. <3

1/3 tsp matcha really packs a punch. I think my caffeine tolerance must have plummeted at some point.

Input sources: Amina Claudine Myers / The Real Life Rock & Roll Band

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Testing out a basic granular cloud firmware for the electro-smith daisy. There's a max polyphony of 40 grains in this recording, but that's just what it's set at now, I haven't tried to see what the actual max might be yet... 40 is plenty for this sort of thing tho. :)

lost spoiler 

LOL -- Jack unzipping the body bag to identify his dead father while the pitch tracker is running on the daisy made for a bit of weird dark comedy.


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Working on daisy firmware is fun with a test input of... an episode of Lost. 🙂

And tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 90+% humidity! (And 1mph winds lol)


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I'm skipping my nightly river time for the first time in a while tonight... might have to skip tomorrow morning too, argh.

80+ degrees F and 80+% humidity after sunset is booooo

twtxt traffic 

twtxt went from cottage industry to like 80% of my outgoing traffic serving client refreshes...

It's just a textfile so it's not exactly putting any stress on my server, still something like ~10mb/day outgoing for what should be a blip seems excessive.

Maybe I should block traffic to it over HTTP...

*checks logs*

Oh, 100% of this aggressive traffic is coming from "pods" pulling my twtxt file every few seconds. I opened a bug report to ask about reducing the default update interval... I'm not sure what else to do.

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I hear it's Very Hot (TM) in some parts right now! Allow someone who's been living in South Africa for over a decade to share some tips for dealing.

* Wet a teatowel and drape it over your neck
* Spray yourself with a water mist, better if you have a fan pointed at you
* Have a fan pointed at you
* Feet in a bowl of cold water
* Periodic short cold showers, focus on cooling your hot points - armpits, groin, head
* Take a long cold bath

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Recorded some more demos of my vocal tract sculpting instrument, now with pitch control! (Demos are more similar than different)

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:

Tomorrow I'm going to work on sketches of piano themes for the fancy man in this story by Astrid Lindgren I'm retelling.

From the original story: "For a long time he himself had been thinking that he would buy a house in a small town, where there was not so much noise as in the big city. Naturally he would not live there all the time, but he would go there to rest now and then. In a small town people would also be much more likely to notice what an unusually fine and distinguished man he really was."

Cursed browser, stop rewriting my locally hosted URLs to https...

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