I'll plot your drawing 

these are the colors and types of paper and pens I have!

gel pens: black, cyan, red, purple, pink, blue, green.

sharpies: grey, pink, purple, purple2, salmon, yellow, blue, sand.

paper types: white graph paper, yellow graph paper, neon green, heavy off-white, copy paper, speckled off-white.

it'll plot very well if it mostly fits in this box: hecanjog.com/calibrate.svg

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I'll plot your drawing 

Here's a couple examples: the lighter paper is sticker paper and is the color of normal copy paper... it's sitting on top of of one of the paper options. The pens used are purple & blue on the sticker paper & cyan on the off-white paper.

Also I should say the offer extends to anywhere I'm able to send mail to from the US and I'm not charging for this...

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uwm plums 

These local plums are delicious.

If I'm remembering the varieties posted at the grocery store right, these both were developed by the University of Minnesota: extension.umn.edu/fruit/growin

The reddish one is I think the 1920 Underwood variety, and I think the yellow one is the 1923 LaCrescent variety.

The pink one is an eraser for size comparison. :-)

Only about 50 booklet covers left to plot!

I've been running the plotter all week & it's kinda started to feel like having a little dancing robot coworker. :)

Louis the cat has retained his role as supervisor.

All set for some lunch break recording later on!

My little feedback chamber may not be finished drying by then, but that's OK.

I reattached one of the legs and after that dries for a few hours I'll reattach the audio exciter as well.

My dad just sent me this nice image of a pile of metal and concrete.

Also got some nice takes this morning for a different project recording at a very foggy riverside.

Mixing the cassette recording on top of the binaural recording sounds pretty nice.

Here's an excerpt from behind a little brick structure where river monitoring equipment is stored to block out the wind a bit. (The reflections off the brick are a little more audible in the raw binaural recording...)

food pic w/fish, sound 

A most delicious recording session. I'm excited to work all this into the Aunt Laura episode.

(Crunches, chops, slurps, glurps and so on... 🙂 )

While I go through and remove all the boat sounds from this recording I'm noticing a pervasive low frequency pattern in the quiet sections.

It's totally inaudible and I haven't seen this before in other recordings I've made with the same equipment here.

I wonder what caused it?

freeform & generative web radio 

Reworked the Aleatoric Forest homepage tonight so you can see what is going on at the moment on the freeform channels.


Looks like they took press photos already. Here's the cast & stage. (With bubbles looking extremely underwhelming because it's just a photo.)

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a cat story 

Louis and I took a trip to the river together yesterday.

It's only two blocks away, but he gets really nervous around cars (probably good!) and so I have to carry him most of the two blocks while he tries to burrow into my chest every time a car passes... so we went a little before 5am yesterday just as the sun was rising. Still too much car traffic for him tho... but he was a brave guy.

Here's a photo of him standing outside the yoga studio below my apartment, and a photo of him trying to chill in a patch of grass near the river. (He was a little too nervous to venture any further, so we hung out for an hour then went home.)

internet speed test 

lol "your internet speed is very slow"

lol, so this is the effect of trading files with my band and updating my system the last couple days :)

Desktop screenshot 

(The keyboard is usually only there when I need to type something, but I just got off a quick zoom call with a coworker.)

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